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Curious to learn in more detail the ins & outs of how to order your next hair system? This guide will help you:

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Take Control of your Hair System Maintenance

mature woman happy with her hair system maintenance

Hair systems are a great way to address alopecia and other forms of hair loss without invasive surgery, unpredictable medications, or costly hair clubs. Custom hairpieces allow you to add the hair density you need, where you need it. The hair system can then be attached using a variety of bonding methods that securely attach the hairpiece to your scalp. Read on to see how you can take control of your hairpiece maintenance at home in order to boost your confidence at a fraction of the cost of hair salons.

Hair systems have become increasingly more popular over the years due to new and improved DIY hair system maintenance techniques and products. The quality of hair systems has also improved significantly, allowing many people, including celebrities to easily access quality hairpieces and hair system maintenance products. With the developments in the hair system industry, you can now buy and maintain a custom hairpiece without the need for a costly hair studio. 

Here's how you can take control of your hair system maintenance yourself at home!

mature woman happy with DIY hair system maintenance

Secure hairpiece attachment and removal

Hair system application can be one of the most intimidating parts of using a hair system. Though there is no reason to turn to a hairdresser when it is time to bond your hairpiece! A variety of hair system tapes and liquid adhesives allow for the quick and easy bonding of your hair system! The best bonding method for you depends on your preferences and lifestyle, as most adhesives are more resilient than tapes, though tapes can be easier and neater to apply.

Once you've mastered the simple art of hair system attachment, you can also easily remove your hair system as well. All you need is a mirror and the right hair system maintenance products for your scalp. 

Check out all of the resources on our blog to learn how to maintain your hair system including step-by-step guidance on how to implement these application techniques. 


Easy hair system care

When you begin using your hair system, you might be surprised to find how similar your hair system maintenance routine is to your current day-to-day. A hair system requires many of the same things that natural hair does such as washing, conditioning, brushing, and styling. You must use the right hair maintenance products for your hair system to maintain the health of your scalp and the longevity of your hairpiece. 

Advent Hair has its very own online Supply Store with the very best products for hair systems. We also have created a database of extensive information on how to confidently integrate your hair system maintenance into your everyday life.

middle aged woman practicing DIY hair system maintenance

Save money

Going to the hairdresser every time you want to style your hair system can be a drag. Is it uncomfortable to go out feeling less than great with your hair system, but the cost of every hair studio visit can end up being a financial nightmare. Buying a hairpiece online can be more intimate and discreet than going to a hair studio in person. 

There is no need to worry about fitting or sizing when buying your hair system online; we've created our very own size guide to help you find the perfect fitting hairpiece for you. 

Hair system maintenance can easily become part of your everyday routine. Managing your hair system at home allows you to change your look whenever you want. 


Your Hair System; your secret

The decision to take control and purchase your hair system shows the healthy self-esteem you have for yourself and how you prioritize your happiness. Going to a hair studio is an out-dated and far less intimate hair system buying experience. Shopping for a hairpiece and hair system maintenance products at home will help you avoid uncomfortable and undesirable purchasing situations that can happen in-store. Buying a hair system is a very personal process that can be done from the comfort of your own home by shopping online! 

To learn more about purchasing your hair system online see our Buyer's Guide!

DIY hair system maintenance supplies

If you want to do it right - do it yourself

Learning to maintain your hair system on your own is priceless. Taking care of your hairpiece will give you a sense of freedom and independence that hair studios can't offer. At home you can try different pieces, attach them the way that feels right to you, and experiment with different techniques, 

Only you know what you are looking for in your hair system and hairstyle. Taking control of your hairpiece maintenance allows you to have the hair system style that you have been looking for. With Advent Hair products, you'll get better quality at wholesale pricing and the ability to maintain your hair system yourself.

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