Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

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FREE Hair System Buyers' Guide!

Curious to learn in more detail the ins & outs of how to order your next hair system? This guide will help you:

  • Understand the different bases available
  • Choose the proper density & color (including highlights)
  • Different attachment methods
  • Place your order with confidence

FAQs About Hairpieces Answered!

Welcome, dear readers, to our comprehensive guide on hairpieces! Whether you're seeking a temporary style transformation, a ...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Remy Human Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions are considered the crème de la crème of hair replacement systems. The term ‘Remy’ refers to human hair ...
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The Best Hair Replacement System for You

There are so many different hair replacement systems to choose from in today’s market. So naturally, you might be thinking, ...
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Clip In Hair Extensions Guide

Clip in hair extensions are an excellent way to give yourself a quick and free of commitment change of look. Imagining what you'd ...
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Will Hair Extensions make you more attractive? [Pros ...

Hair extensions can be a great way to add volume, length or even highlights to your hair in just a matter of seconds. But what ...
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Hair Extension Styles: Ponytail

Hair extensions are some of the most versatile hair systems you can buy! However, most people are afraid to do anything other ...
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How much do Hair Extensions cost?

When you begin to lose hair, it becomes harder over time to maintain both the length and thickness of hair that you once had or ...
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