Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

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Curious to learn in more detail the ins & outs of how to order your next hair system? This guide will help you:

  • Understand the different bases available
  • Choose the proper density & color (including highlights)
  • Different attachment methods
  • Place your order with confidence

Custom or Stock Hairpiece — What's best for you?

  If your hair is thinning, receding or falling out, it can be a difficult reality to face. Experiencing hair loss can ...
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How to choose the best hair system style for your face ...

You've made the decision that it's time to take control and order your very own hair system! The first thing to consider, ...
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Frontal Hair Attachment 101

Wigs, extensions and hair systems have become very popular throughout the years, but they are in constant evolution with ...
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Coloring your systems: a step by step guide to renew ...

  Changing your hair color is no easy task! Especially when it comes to dying your systems. There are many reasons to change ...
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Afro Hair Wigs: Can they match natural afro hair?

We’ve talked about the different types of women’s hair in the past, but we wanted to revisit the topic to double down on afro ...
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Shop High Quality, Affordable Wigs for Women at Advent ...

Why settle for a cheap substitute when you can have something 10 times better at an affordable price? We’ve all seen the ...
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