Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

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Curious to learn in more detail the ins & outs of how to order your next hair system? This guide will help you:

  • Understand the different bases available
  • Choose the proper density & color (including highlights)
  • Different attachment methods
  • Place your order with confidence

What type of Shampoo and Conditioner is Best for my ...

Many hair system wearers have heard over and over again the importance of washing and maintaining their hairpiece. Every blog ...
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A Toupee or a Wig? What's the Difference?

Currently, there are many hair system options available. Technology has advanced exponentially over the past few years making ...
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Going for a swim while wearing your wig: It can be done

It's almost a perfect feeling laying out by the beach or pool on a beautiful, sunny day. Almost. After a while of laying out, ...
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How to Get Rid of Bad Odors for a Fresh Smelling Wig

There's nothing worse than catching a whiff of a stench. Well, only one thing… realizing that you're the source of the ...
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Hair System Detangling 101

There’s nothing like effortlessly running your fingers through your hair, right? Having smooth, healthy strands is something ...
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Brief History of Wigs

Have you ever wondered where wigs come from? If you're an avid hair wearer you've probably seen lots of types of wigs over the ...
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Hairpiece Bonding Vs. Sweat

  Do you feel like you sweat more easily than others? Then you may also feel like bonding your hair system is a bit trickier ...
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Styling a wig with a blow dryer: Tips for men and women

There are infinite ways to style a hair system and infinite products that serve the sole purpose of making your hair look darn ...
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Your basics guide to clip in extensions

To all those women who are exploring the world of hair extensions, welcome to endless possibilities of length, volume, and ...
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Placing your hairpiece the right way

Everyone who has at least tried to bond a hair system to their heads knows the importance of getting the placement just right. ...
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