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How to store wigs: 6 tips to keep your hairpiece looking good

Middle aged brunette woman grooming hair before storing wig

Natural human hair is a delicate thing. There’s a reason why both men and women spend so much time and money taking care of it and making it look at its best! But did you know that hairpieces are even more delicate than growing hair?

Unlike growing human hair, hairpieces can’t generate any oils or sebum to protect their strands from damage caused by prolonged sun or dust exposure. Then, it goes without saying that hair replacement systems can’t simply grow back like natural hair can to replace damaged strands.

That’s why properly storing your hairpieces goes a long way when it comes to prolonging your hairpiece’s lifespan and maintaining its natural shine.

Today we’re going to be looking at the risks of not storing your hairpiece properly and how you can make sure you store your hairpiece correctly at home.

How to store wigs in boxes

6 Tips for Storing Your Hairpiece at Home

  1. First things first you need to properly groom your hairpiece. We recommend cleaning it before you store it and taking the time to correctly detangle it. Proper grooming will do a lot to ensure the hairpiece is stored correctly without risking damage.

  2. Find a clean and dry cardboard box and place your hairpiece inside when you’ve finished grooming it. We recommend cardboard as it’s cheap, most households have it, and it does the job just fine. But you could use a box made out of another material.

  3. Store each hairpiece in its own individual box. Although it’s tempting to throw all your hairpieces into one box - don’t do this, as it will lead to tangling issues, trust us.

  4. Store your hairpiece box in a cool dry place away from sunlight. We’ve already talked about the damage that repeated exposure to sunlight can cause.

  5. Make sure the box is air-tight. You definitely don’t want any moisture seeping into your box and accumulating on the strands of your hairpiece.

  6. Another wig storage idea is to try using a hairpiece stand. Hairpiece stands take your storage solutions to the next level and are the best way to store your hairpiece. They’re usually made out of soft and light materials, like styrofoam or cloth, and soft padding. Also known as canvas blockheads, they ensure that your hairpiece retains its style for as long as it's stored when secured in place with a few pins. Just place your hairpiece on the blockhead, secure it to ensure it doesn't slide off, place the blockhead inside your cardboard box and you’re good to go!

Middle aged woman grooming hair before storing wig

Hopefully, these wig storage ideas will make you realize that proper hairpiece storage doesn’t need to be complicated.

Remember though that wig storage makes up a small portion of an effective hairpiece care and maintenance routine.

There are different types of hairpiece damage that you should understand how to combat and reduce.

How to store wigs on a stand

We’ve also previously covered the causes of different types of hairpiece damage:

Middle aged woman brushing hair before storing wig

That’s it! When you properly store your hairpiece and take other steps to correctly maintain your wig, you’ll find it lasts so much longer and maintains its quality for longer too.


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