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Storing Hairpieces: More important than you think

 How to properly store hairpieces

Natural hair is a very delicate thing, after all, there’s a reason why both men and women spend so much time and money taking care of it.

But, do you know what’s even more delicate than human hair? A hairpiece.

Unlike natural hair, hairpieces can’t generate any oils to protect them from damage caused by prolonged sun or dust exposure, and they sure as hell can’t grow back like natural hair can.

That’s why properly storing your hairpieces goes a really long way when it comes to maintaining your hairpiece’ natural, awesome looks.

Now, we’ve previously delved into the different types of damage that can affect a hairpiece:

-Loss of hair color.

-Hair becoming extremely dry and looking like a clump of hay.

-Breakage and loss of hair itself.


And we’ve also covered the causes and sources of all of these types of hairpiece damage:

-Oxidation, also known as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

-Combing or brushing a wet hairpiece, damaging the knots that keep the hair in place.

-Usage of products originally meant for synthetic hair on human hair and vice versa.

-Exposing a hairpiece for prolonged periods of time to harsh chemicals such as chlorine.


But, there’s one key factor when it comes to hairpiece care and maintenance that we haven't talked about just yet, and that’s because we wanted to make an article just about it, to show you how big of a deal it is.


And that is, you should know by now, proper hairpiece storage.


You might be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal with how I store my hairpieces? Can’t I just throw them in some drawer in my closet and call it a day?” Well, technically yes, yes you could, but you would be doing yourself a huge disservice by doing so.

As previously stated, hairpieces are a delicate thing. Not only because they directly impact the way you look, therefore impacting the way you feel, but because they are actually built in a delicate and thoughtful manner. Now, hairpieces being delicate and careful maintenance is not a matter of having a good or bad hair replacement provider, even the best, most expensive hairpieces require tons of care and maintenance, after all, they are meant to go by unnoticed while resting on your head.

 How to properly store hairpieces

With that out of the way, we can answer the question of “What’s wrong with storing my hairpieces in some random drawer?”

Wrongly storing your hairpieces can cause all of the following: damage thanks to exposure to the elements, your hairpiece might start collecting copious amounts of dust (ugh) and the hair on your piece might get tangled with other items you might be storing in the same place.

Properly storing your hairpieces ensures that they’ll be ready to go whenever you need them, as soon as you need them. Forget about trying to figure out the way the base cap is supposed to face, about having to style and untangle your hair, or about having to wash your hair piece because it's riddled with a ton of dust.


Just get yourself a nice, dry, cardboard box, and place your hairpiece in it when you’re done grooming it. It should look just as good when you take it out as it did when you originally stored it.

Why cardboard? Because it’s cheap and it works just fine, but any box will do as long as you keep it in a dry and cool place. Now, ideally you want to store each hairpiece in its own individual box, throwing a bunch of them together in the same box will lead to tangling issues, trust us.


But what if you want to take it a step further? That’s where hairpiece stands come into play. Usually made out of soft and light materials, like styrofoam or cloth and soft padding, these stands work wonders in the storage and cleaning departments. Also known as canvas block heads, they ensure that your hairpiece retains its style for as long as it's stored when secured in place with a few pins.

Just place your hairpiece on the block head, secure it to ensure it doesn't slide off, place the block head inside your cardboard box and you’re good to go!


Got any other question for us about the proper way to store your hairpieces? Feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number 1-800-756-8585. We’ll be more than happy to help you with any other burning questions or doubts you might have about hairpieces and the hairpiece industry as a whole!

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