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Hair System Lifespan: How long do wigs last?

Middle aged woman in bathroom prolonging hair system lifespan

When you consider purchasing a hair system, the first question that comes to mind is probably, ‘how long do wigs last?’ You want to make a worthwhile purchase that will not only last a decent amount of time but also continue to look great no matter what life throws at you. With so much conflicting information when it comes to hair system lifespan, it can be hard to predict how long your new purchase will actually last.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to prolong your hair system lifespan? The good news is we know plenty of techniques you can incorporate into your daily hairpiece maintenance routine to keep your hair unit looking in top condition for longer. Today we’ll be decoding myths surrounding hair system lifespan and how you can make your hairpiece last longer.

Hair System Durability

The lifespan of your hairpiece starts with where it was made — making sure to buy quality hair systems from reputable manufacturers will ensure that your hairpiece stands the test of time. Each hair system is unique, and their individual durability varies, but generally, you can expect to wear your hair system for between 6 and 10 months before you need to replace or repair it.

Different hair system base types, materials, daily lifestyle, attachment, cleaning, and maintenance all directly influence a hair system’s lifespan.

If you take the time to implement a good hairpiece care routine you’ll be able to prolong its lifespan significantly.

Middle aged woman wearing hat and prolonging hair system lifespan

Hair Type

Hair type will have a large influence on your hair system lifespan. Many of the best custom hairpieces and stock hairpieces use lightly-treated quality human hair like remy hair. With Remy hair systems, the cuticles of all strands are aligned in the same direction, reducing friction and improving the durability and appearance of your hairpiece. Remy hair is available for both hair systems for men and hair systems for women.

These hairpieces often have the longest lifespan. Hair systems made with human hair are super versatile too, coming in a diverse variety of textures, densities, colors, and textures.

Watch out for hair systems that have overly processed or poor quality hair, as these hairpieces generally have the shortest lifespan.

Hair System Attachment

Now we know the key characteristics to look out for when choosing a highly durable hair system it’s time to move onto how you can increase your hair system’s lifespan by using established hairpiece attachment methods.

Prior to attachment, you should prepare your scalp properly to ensure you achieve a safe and secure attachment. Any bits of remaining adhesive on your scalp will result in an inferior-quality bond, and cause damage to your hair system.

Hairpiece tape and metal clips are some of the easiest attachment methods and have the added bonus of being very gentle on your hairpiece.

If you prefer liquid adhesives, more care needs to be taken when attaching and removing your hair system. It’s essential to follow proper adhesive removal processes regularly to prevent any possible damage to your hair system.

Senior woman increasing her hair system lifespan

Hairpiece Maintenance

Regular hairpiece maintenance goes beyond attachment and removal, it also includes regular detangling and cleaning.

Keeping your hair system free from knots and tangles is easy to do and key for keeping it looking healthy and natural for longer. Each hair unit requires special care depending on hair and base type. However, once you’ve gone through the process several times, it will start to become second nature to you.

It is also essential that you regularly apply a leave-in conditioner designed for your hair type to prevent your hair system from getting dull and worn out.

If you are wearing a hair system with a lace base or lace front, you should also make sure to periodically apply a knot sealer to your hairpiece to prolong the lifespan of the fragile hairpiece knots themselves.

By beginning a proper hair system care routine, you’ll be able to lengthen its lifespan as well as keep it looking at its best for longer.

Middle aged woman with good hair system lifespan

Tips and Tricks for Prolonging Hair System Lifespan

While we have plenty of guides for keeping your hair system looking its best throughout our blog, these maintenance tips are great to keep in mind when trying to prolong your hairpiece lifespan:

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent friction from tangling your hairpiece.
  • Use a high-quality conditioner regularly.
  • Brush your hair system with a hairpiece-safe brush.

Here are some things to avoid when trying to increase your hair system lifespan:

  • Hairdryers or heated styling tools. You can use the former with the ‘cool’ setting switched on.
  • Alcohol-based gels and sprays.
  • Products that are not specifically designed for hair systems.
  • Sleeping in your hair system without following these recommendations.
  • Using brushes that aren’t designed for hair systems.
  • Swimming without following these recommendations to protect your hair system.

Human hair is fragile, so even the highest quality remy hair needs regular and careful hairpiece maintenance to keep it looking its best. A proper hairpiece care routine combined with avoiding damaging bad habits will prolong your hair system lifespan and keep it looking healthy for longer.

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