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Hair System Maintenance — How to avoid sun damage to your hairpiece

Middle aged woman on beach performing good hair system maintenance

As sunny weather starts to come to an end, it's understandable that you want to soak in all the rays you can before the season is up! However, in order to avoid UV damage and oxidation to your hairpiece, it's important to follow a thorough hair system maintenance routine. Read on to see how you can prevent sun damage to your hairpiece!

While avoiding the sun completely would be an effective way of preventing any kind of damage, it’s not very practical if you live somewhere with a warm sunny climate!

You could also wear a hat for all the time that you’re outside and in the sun. But if you’re going to invest in a beautiful, natural-looking hair system there’s no point in covering it up! This is why we’re looking at what steps you can include in your hairpiece maintenance routine to prevent sun damage from ruining your hair replacement system.

If you suspect that your hair system has already suffered from some sun damage - don’t despair! We’re sharing a few steps you can take at home to ensure hairpiece oxidation doesn’t ruin your system!

Middle aged woman relaxing on beach with good hair system maintenance

What Is Sun Damage in Hair Systems?

We all know the dangers of too much sun exposure on our skin but what about the damage UV rays can cause to our hair systems?

The issue is that direct sunlight exposure causes hairpiece oxidation.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs whenever your hair system is exposed to both oxygen and ultraviolet rays at the same time.

When these UV light rays make contact with the oxygen molecules that are on your hair system, they affect the color hues of your hair system’s strands. This causes your hair strands to take on a red brassy appearance. These strands stick out from the rest of the hair system and are often an obvious giveaway that someone is wearing a hair replacement system.

In simpler terms, anytime you’re outside in the sun, oxidation, very slowly but surely, damages the outer layer of the hair shafts on your hair system. Hair system oxidation is a pesky problem to have, but luckily it’s pretty easy to prevent.

Middle aged woman in the sun with good hair system maintenance

How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Hairpiece

Preventing hairpiece oxidation is a lot easier than fixing it later on. You probably know that a solid hairpiece care routine is the way to go when it comes to prolonging your hair system’s lifespan and keeping it looking at its best for longer.

To ensure your hair system remains free from sun damage and brassy strands follow these hairpiece maintenance steps

1. Try a Protective Sealer

To keep your hair system as soft as possible, you should incorporate a protective sealer into your hairpiece care routine. Try Remy Soft Blue Max Protective Sealer.

Containing oils that closely resemble those naturally produced in scalps, the product locks in moisture and provides UV protection so you can enjoy yourself outside without worrying about your hair replacement system.

2. Use Color-Correcting Shampoos and Conditioners

If you’ve already been out in the sun, it’s a good idea to start incorporating color-correcting shampoos and conditioners into your regular hairpiece care routine. These products will help remove the layer of oxidation on your hair strands and bring your hairpiece back to its original color.

Use Red Out to get rid of brassy tones followed by Nearly Natural Softening Solution to ensure your hair unit remains soft.

To combat hairpiece oxidation, we recommend using a color correcting product every 2 weeks.

3. Apply Restorative Leave-in Conditioners

While using color correcting products are the best method of restoring your hair system’s original color, using them too often or without a conditioning treatment will leave your hair system a little too dry. Which is why we recommend balancing this treatment out with a nourishing leave-in conditioner.

Applying leave-in conditioners should be a part of your regular hair system care routine. While they’ll help give your hair replacement system some much needed moisture, they’ll also leave your hairpiece feeling super soft.

For an ultra-natural alternative, you can also try making a homemade deep conditioner to restore your hair system’s moisture and appearance.

Mature woman standing in sunlight with great hair system maintenance routine

Now you’re armed with all the facts when it comes to sunlight and hair system oxidation. While prevention is always best, you now know how to combat the initial signs of hairpiece oxidation.

Don’t let the sun stop you from doing the things you love and enjoying a hair loss solution that works well for you! Just be mindful of how often you expose your hairpiece to UV rays and ensure you properly care for your hair system before and after long periods of exposure.

Got any other questions for us? Feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number.

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