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Get Rid of Your Hair Club - Polyfuse your hair system at home

Middle aged couple on the beach with hair systems without hair club

If you’ve been to a hair club before you’re probably familiar with how the system works. You pay a pricey subscription and regularly head to the salon to clean and re-attach your hairpiece.

Generally, an employee at the hair salon will attach the hair system to your head using either a liquid bonding adhesive or double-sided toupee tape. Given the high hair club cost, you might be wondering, can’t I just do this myself at home?

Luckily, you can! Once you have access to high-quality products for your hairpiece and the knowledge to maintain it, you will be able to attach your hairpiece as good or better than the hair club itself.

Whether you prefer a glue on toupee or a glue on hairpiece, by following a few hair system attachment techniques and sticking to a good hairpiece maintenance routine, you will be able to recreate the hair club experience at home.

Mature man doing hair system maintenance at home without a hair club

What is a Polyfuse Hairpiece Attachment?

Polyfusing is a method of bonding a hair system to the scalp in which liquid adhesive is used to attach the hairpiece to the scalp for a 2-4 week hold.

Many times hair clubs will try to convince you that it’s impossible to securely attach hair systems on your own at home, so that you are required to return to the salon any time you would like to renew your hair system bond. This works out well for the salons, since they’re able to hook in their customers with fairly high hair club subscription costs.

However, fortunately enough for you, this is incorrect. With the guidance that we provide in our blogs together with quality bonding adhesives or hairpiece tape, you will be well on your way to the perfect hairpiece attachment.

Better yet, by doing your hair system attachment yourself at home, you can even have an opportunity to try out different hairpiece adhesives, potentially finding one that you like better than the product used at your salon!

Some of the best-performing adhesives for polyfuse bonds include:

    • Ghost bond XL - a water-based adhesive that protects hair system bonds from hot weather, sweat, and humidity.
    • Euro Bond - great for attaching your lace or bio-skin front.
    • Dermatex - an ultra strong hold for full head bonding.
    • Max Adhere 360 - a water-based adhesive for attaching skin grafts and lace units to your scalp for a 3-4 week hold. It's waterproof too, so it’s perfect for athletes and those living in warmer climates.

Older man doing hair system attachment at home without using hair club

Hair System Application Tips

To achieve an ultra professional, salon-worthy hair system attachment you need to make sure you’re sticking to a few fundamental hair system attachment and maintenance techniques.

1. Prepare your Scalp

Good hair system attachment is all in the preparation process. Before you begin to apply any kind of adhesive to your scalp and hairpiece you need to first properly prepare your scalp by following these 4 easy steps.

2. Figure Out Which Hair System Application Method Is Right for You

While hair clubs often use polyfuse as a default application method, you can choose from different hair system attachment methods that include perimeter bonding or hairpiece tape depending on your lifestyle and preferences.

3. Follow Detailed Instructions for Hairpiece Application

For show stopping results, you need to make sure you follow hair system application instructions to the letter. Though it may take a few trys to get it right the first time, our detailed guide: Hair System Application: As easy as 1,2,3 can help!

4. Don’t Forget About Hair System Maintenance

Once you’ve successfully attached your hair system to your scalp, you’ll want to ensure it looks its best for as long as possible. This is where a regular hairpiece care routine comes into play.

Neglecting tasks like cleaning your hairline, cleaning adhesives, or removing hair systems properly will impact your next hairpiece attachment.

5. Keep Your Hair System Looking its Best for Longer

If you are going to take the time to properly attach your hair system, you’ll want to make sure that it will look great for as long as possible, right? Follow our tips for extended wear if you will plan on leaving your hair system attached for an extended period of time, and consider the benefits of using a leave-in conditioner regularly.

Middle aged woman thinking about leaving hair club

As you can see, hair system attachment and maintenance are not complicated as complicated as they may seem at first! Whether you use glue on toupees or glue on hairpieces, top quality results are achievable at home without excessive amounts of money at a hair club.

In fact, with practice, you can often achieve better results at home than what you get from inexperienced hair salon employees. Save both money and time, by getting rid of your hair club and applying your hair system at home.

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