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Hairpiece Care: Best way to Remove Adhesive Residue


mature couple happy with their hair systems after removing hairpiece adhesive residue

Since a hairpiece plays a significant role in how people feel about their looks, the process of finding the perfect hairpiece can be long and difficult. Once you’ve finally found a hairpiece you like, hair system repair becomes critical.

Whether you use tape, wig glue, or other types of adhesives, when you remove the hairpiece, there is likely going to be some adhesive residue left on both the person’s head and the hairpiece itself. Not only can this be frustrating to deal with, but it can also make it difficult, if not impossible, to reattach the hairpiece later on. Getting the proper hairpiece repair and adhesive cleaning products is especially crucial to maintaining the overall appearance of your hairpiece and prolonging the life of your hair system to prolong hairpiece replacements. 

Learn how to repair your hair system by removing residue using these top-rated adhesives removal products and our tips for clean and damage-free removal!

Hair system Adhesive Residue Removal Must Haves: 

The type of adhesive removal product that you use will depend on the type of hairpiece you have and your personal preference, so try out the different adhesive options available to you to find your perfect fit. 

 Some of the best and most popular products for removing both adhesive and its residue include:

  • Alcohol-based adhesive removers – these adhesive removal products are some of the most popular and effective when it comes to removing tricky adhesive and its residue from both the hairpiece and your head. A staple in all hair system maintenance supply kits is Walker Tape Isopropyl Alcohol (99%) to clean off any bits of tape or glue left behind. 
  • Full head bonding solvents – full head bonded hairpieces require special attention when it comes to the hair system removal process. If it is done incorrectly or without the proper products, you might have to overhaul your hairpiece repair. Having the adhesive removal products that are specially made for full head bonding hairpieces can be immensely helpful in removing the adhesive residue from the hairpiece, not to mention your head. Our top new adhesive remover product on the market is the Walker Action Adhesive Remover. Great for sensitive skin, the organic Lanolin oil removes residue effortlessly. 
  • Citrus based cleaners – these gentle solvents and cleaners not only ease the process hairpiece removal but they also mild and do not cause damage to the hairpiece. We recommend our MAX Re-Move Citrus Adhesive Remover for an all-natural adhesive residue removal solution. 
  • Lace cleaners – from lace release remover sprays to lace cleaners, these products provide essential adhesive removing help, getting stubborn adhesive residue off of the delicate lace. Try our PPI Unlace Lace Adhesive Remover Dab-On. Simply dab it through the lace of your hair system, and the adhesive or tape will peel away, allowing you to remove your hair system gently and damage-free. 

mature woman happy with her hair system after removing hairpiece adhesive buildup

Top Tips for Properly Removing Hairpiece Adhesive

Even with the right adhesive removal product, getting all the adhesive and residue off can be tricky the first time, but you’ll get the hang of it!

If you are having trouble with removing adhesive residue from your hair system, try the following tips:

  • Let the removal product or cleaner sit on the head and/or hairpiece for a prolonged period. This gives enough time for the solvent to soak in and make removing the adhesive or residue much easier.
  • Use a lint-free or microfiber towel to clean up any adhesive residue left on the hairpiece, especially if it is embedded in the lace. 
  • Wash your head with soap/shampoo and water to remove any residual adhesive remover product. Be gentle on your scalp will prevent hair loss. This makes it easier to reattach your hairpiece.

middle aged man with hair system hair piece adhesive

Consistency is Key

Make sure you keep up with your hair system maintenance and keep your hairpiece and scalp adhesive residue-free. It's recommended that you clean your hair system and scalp regularly depending on your type of hair system to keep them healthy. 

Your hair is a reflection of you and affects your confidence and how you feel about yourself. Many people choose to take action against thinning hair and try to find a personalized solution to hair loss. Hair systems are a great way to take control and regain your confidence, but the process of choosing the right hair system for you can be an undoubtedly tough decision, so take care of your hair system and make it last!

By properly using these hairpiece adhesive removal tips and choosing the right products, you can ensure that your hairpiece remains clean, potentially preventing future hairpiece repair needs, and can be reattached again when you want!

Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-756-8585. We would be happy to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and we can even recommend products specific to your needs!

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