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Hair System Application: As easy as 1, 2, 3.


Once you receive and style your hair system, the next step is attaching it to your scalp. Fortunately, applying your hair system is very easy when you follow our simple tips and tricks. Keep reading to see how you can quickly achieve a secure and natural hair system bond.

Using Adhesives for Hair System Application

If you’re planning to wear your hair system on a daily basis, selecting the right adhesive is important for keeping your custom hairpiece or stock hairpiece in place for long periods of time.

A key part of hairpiece care and maintenance, learning to use adhesives properly will ensure you feel confident about wearing your hair system. At Advent Hair, we stock high-quality adhesives and hairpiece tapes to help you achieve an effortlessly natural-looking hair system application.

But you might be asking how do you figure out which is the best option for you and your hair system?

Think about your general daily environment, weather, length of time that you’ll be wearing the hair system, and your general lifestyle. Then, take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of hairpiece tape and liquid adhesives to see which is the best fit for you.

Middle aged man performing at home hair system application

Hairpiece Liquid Adhesives

This kind of adhesive is a great option if you plan on wearing your hair system for longer periods of time — with some adhesives offering waterproof bonds of 4+ weeks! We can provide you with perimeter bonding, full head bonding, and waterproof adhesives depending on what fits your needs best.

Here are some of our customer favorites for long-lasting bonds:

One of our most popular hairpiece adhesives is MAX Adhere 360 Waterproof Adhesive. The water-based and latex-free long-lasting bonding adhesive is ideal for extended wear for a full head bond attachment.

Adhere 360° is a water-based adhesive for attaching skin grafts and lace hair systems to your scalp for a 4-5 week hold. It's waterproof too, so it works well for athletes as well for those of you living in warmer climates. When applied, Adhere 360° is white and it dries clear for a totally invisible bond.

With such long-lasting waterproof bonds, you may wonder how to remove your hairpiece when it comes time to maintain it. MAX's Matrix Lace Cleaner and Re-Move Adhesive Remover are two products that work well to remove extended-wear and waterproof adhesives. Take a look at our post on hair system removal for the full step-by-step removal process.


Hairpiece Tape

Hairpiece tapes are easy to apply and remove. A mess-free solution to bonding your hair system, many tapes are even available in pre-cut contours for a quick and hassle-free bond.

For the best results possible, you should change your hairpiece tape regularly. The amount of time between bonds depends greatly on the type of hairpiece tape used, while some tapes are designed for daily wear, other tapes are designed for extended wear of 2-3+ weeks.

One of our most popular hairpiece tapes for hair system application is Super Tape. A reliable option for bonds that can last up to 10-30 days, Super Tape provides a hold that is comparable to the Air-Flex tape but without the ventilation holes.

Using this tape instead of a liquid hairpiece bond allows for easy hair system application along with minimal cleanup. It's also made with a water-based adhesive that is friendly to both your skin and the environment.

Middle aged woman performing at home hair system application

Follow These Steps for Successful Hair System Application

Prepare your hair: Comb your hair and remove any knots or tangles. It doesn't matter if you have short or long hair, your natural hair should be pulled back away from your hairline so it won't be visible once you put on your hair system.

Prepare your skin: If you don't have hair you probably skipped the last step, but this one you can't miss! Clean your scalp to remove any oils and impurities from your hairline. It will help the liquid adhesive or hairpiece tape bond to your hair system.

Shave stray hairs: If you have a few stray hairs growing in your balding areas, it is recommended that you shave them off so that they do not interfere with your hair system bond.

Apply scalp protector: To prevent skin irritation or damage, apply a scalp protector to the parts of your scalp where you will be bonding your hairpiece.

Put on a wig cap: This step is optional if you don't have hair. But if you do have growing hair, a wig cap is highly recommended. You can choose between a net wig cap or a skin-toned nylon wig cap. To apply, gently stretch the cap over your head and line it up with your hairline, making sure all of your hair is underneath it. Secure it in place with a few bobby pins around the outer edges.

Apply the adhesive: The application method varies depending on if you are using hairpiece tape or a liquid adhesive.

Applying a Liquid Adhesive:

Dip a small brush into the adhesive and apply a thin layer around your hairline.
Let it dry for a few minutes until the adhesive is no longer thin and wet but rather sticky and tacky.

Applying Hairpiece Tape:

Carefully place double-sided strips along your hairline, securing it firmly to your skin. To ensure that moisture can get out when you sweat, we recommend leaving small spaces between each strip of tape.

Middle aged woman performing at home hair system application in the mirror

Prepare Your Hair System for Application:

Sometimes the strands of your hairpiece can get caught up on the adhesive if not pulled back correctly. You can prevent this from happening by pulling the hair into a ponytail, or if the hair system is a short style, clipping it closest to the edge as possible.

Place the hair system on your head: Hold your finger on the area of the hairpiece that will be on the center of your forehead. Put the hairpiece over your head and gently lay it down on your scalp, keeping your finger on the center of your forehead.
Gently pull the rest of the hairpiece down over your head. Make sure you keep the sides of the hairpiece away from the adhesive as much as possible so that they don't stick before you're ready.

Secure the hairpiece: Once you have placed on your hair system don't forget to secure it! Use a fine-toothed comb to carefully press down the front edges of the hairpiece. If you're using a lace wig, double check that the lace areas are smooth against your head, allowing for a natural look around the hairline.

After the front half of your hair system is secure, we recommend waiting around 15 minutes for it to set. Then follow the same steps as the front on the back. Wait 15 more minutes before styling to ensure the hair system is secure.

With a secure hair system bond, you can feel confident that you look your best! Once fully bonded to your scalp, you can style your hair system to your liking.

Once you are ready to remove your hair system, we have the products you can use to do so easily. With the proper removal solvents, your chosen adhesive should be as easy to remove as it was to apply.

Got any other questions for us? Feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number.

We would be more than happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have!

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