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5 Reasons Why Hair Systems Are Better Than Surgery

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Not quite ready to embrace baldness? Whether your hairline is receding, your hair’s thinning or you’re balding from the crown, you’re likely feeling self-conscious about the way you look. You probably started wearing hats, headscarves or styling your hair in a certain way to try and cover up the evidence.

But, the truth is, it's energy and time-consuming and you need a more permanent solution. Before blindly jumping into the world of hair transplants, have you considered a nonsurgical alternative? Let us get you up to speed on some of the key benefits of hair systems, and soon you’ll understand why many people choose to wear a wig instead.

Benefit #1: Hair systems are surgery-free

Starting with the biggest benefit: hair systems are non-surgical. Hair transplants, on the other hand, involve going through surgery, with various risk factors. For example, you might experience short-term side effects such as bleeding, scalp swelling, folliculitis, numbness, or infections. To alleviate pain and discomfort, the surgeon will likely prescribe you strong painkillers and antibiotics. You can also expect longer-lasting side effects, such as scarring.

Wigs and hairpieces, in comparison, are a form of non-surgical hair replacement. This means there is no risk of bleeding, infection, scarring, or other such side effects. In fact, hair systems provide an extremely simple and low-risk hair replacement solution. The only possible side effect could be an allergic reaction to the materials or adhesives, but this is very unusual and can be easily resolved with anti-allergic materials or adhesives. Oh, and watch out for that huge ego boost too! 

Senior woman happy because shes able to wear hair systems and not get surgery

Benefit #2: Hair systems are more cost-effective

Another primary advantage of hair systems comes in the form of savings. Hair transplant surgery is a long, repetitive, and expensive process that does not guarantee long-term success. If spending lots of money is not an option for you, there are lots of hair systems available that come in a range of price brackets. Even the most expensive and specially crafted custom hairpieces are a lot cheaper than the surgical alternative. And, even though hairpieces will need to be replaced every so often, they still present a much more affordable upfront cost.

What’s more, by ordering your hair systems from Advent Hair, they become even more cost-effective! Unlike hair replacement salons, we are a factory-direct distributor. This means that we don’t have all the extra expenses of a salon and we eliminate the middlemen that lead to costly hair unit markups. Instead, we are able to maintain a low hair system cost allowing you to save substantial money by ordering your hairpieces directly from the factory. In fact, by buying through Advent Hair and by maintaining your hair system at home, you can save over 50% of what a salon charges!

Benefit #3: Nonsurgical hair replacements are not permanent

Hair systems are a preferable option if you’re indecisive, like to frequently change up your hair style and color, or are simply in need of a temporary solution. More often than not, surgery is non-reversible. Hair growth through hair transplants is not only dependent on the surgeon and grafting techniques, but also on the healthy hair follicles you are transplanting from; they must be thick, alive, and plentiful. What’s more, grafts can only be positioned so close together, so you may not get the hair density or appearance you’re after. If the treatment is not working as well as you had expected or you aren’t happy with the results, unfortunately, there’s no going back. 

Nonsurgical hair replacements, in comparison, allow you to regain control over your hair. From the amount of time you wear your hair replacement to the type and amount of coverage, wigs and hairpieces give you free rein to experiment with all sorts of hair styles, colors, lengths, densities, and textures; you’re not just limited to the hair from your donor area. In fact, hair systems have no limits. There are wigs for men, women, or children, all of which are suitable for hair loss as a result of hereditary factors, medical conditions, chemotherapy, or any other reason. And, if on a whim you decide you want to embrace baldness, or no longer need the hair system, then all you have to do is remove your hairpiece - it’s as simple as that!

Young and happy couple wearing hair systems

Benefit #4: Hairpieces achieve instant results

Far from an overnight solution, you’ll have to wait several months, or sometimes even over a year, to see results from a hair transplant. The surgery itself can take several hours to complete and may require three or four sessions to achieve the desired results. And, you’ll have to wait several months between each surgery to allow each transplant time to heal. 

In contrast, hair replacement systems present an (almost) instant solution. The only delay is in the time between placing your order and delivery to your doorstep. If you need a quick and budget-friendly solution, pre-made stock hairpieces can be delivered within only 7 days. They tend to be the best option if you’re experimenting with hair replacement systems for the first time and want to get a sense of what you like before committing to a personalized hairpiece. Custom-made hairpieces are tailor-made with all the specific, fine-tuned features important to you. As a result, these can take up to 7 weeks to make - not much when you compare it to transplants! 

Man happy with how his hair systems turned out.

Benefit #5: Hair systems are extremely effective

Compare a hair transplant before and after with nonsurgical hair replacements and you will see that the best hair system does not require undergoing years of painful surgery and denting your bank balance. Thanks to major technological advancements, a good hair system is indistinguishable from a real head of hair. Of course, some are more realistic than others, but finding a natural-looking hairpiece is easy once you know what you’re looking for. And, with proper wig care and maintenance, hair systems are long-lasting and require minimal adjustments to your daily routine. 
Your renewed sense of identity and self-confidence is a click away. Our informative website includes answers to FAQs, buyer’s guides to hair systems for men and women, and blogs with plenty of hot tips and useful information. Plus, our hair-wearing experts are on call 24/7 to help you find the perfect hair system and make you look and feel your best self!


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