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Hairpiece: Custom Made or Stock Pre-Made?

Custom vs Stock hairpieces Custom vs Stock hairpieces

Whether you’re hair is thinning, receding, or almost completely gone, hair loss can take a substantial toll on you. For men and women alike, hair loss can cause self-esteem issues, make a person extremely self-aware, and affect a person’s sense of confidence. Fortunately, with advancements in modern science and technology, there are a variety of hair piece options available that can give a man or woman their confidence and appearance back.

While the wealth of hair piece options provides every person with the perfect solution for their hair loss, it can also be somewhat overwhelming when you are trying to choose the one that is best for you. One decision that you have to make is deciding whether you want a custom made or stock pre-made hair piece, both of which have their own advantages.

Stock Pre-Made Hair Pieces

Stock hair systems are a popular choice for many men and women, as they provide an easy and reliable hair replacement system. With a stock pre-made hair piece, you can easily choose a hair system that gives you the length, density, style and color you want. For women, Advent Hair offers a multitude of stock pre-made hair options, including:

  • Full head systems
  • Partial integration caps
  • Top-of-the-head systems
  • ¾ caps

With all these options a woman can choose a light, medium, or heavy density wig of varying colors and styles. Men too have numerous options when it comes to choosing a stock pre-made hair system, as Advent offers:

  • Fine mono hair pieces
  • Skin graft hair pieces
  • Lace hair pieces

As each type offers a large selection of different materials, densities, and base sizes, men can easily find a stock pre-made hair piece that fits their needs and looks completely natural.

Custom Made Hair Pieces

Custom hair pieces are also a popular option for those looking for a hair replacement system that is completely unique and perfect for them. While stock pre-made hair systems offer great looking hair, many people choose to get a custom-made hair system because of the flexibility in design specifications they provide.  When you are looking for a hair replacement system, custom made hair pieces allow you to create one that is made just for you with your unique specifications.

As with stock pre-made hair pieces, custom made hair pieces come in a large variety of styles and options, giving you the choice of the following:

  • Remy hair
  • ROBO hair
  • Varying types of densities
  • Texture and waves
  • Different hair colors, including those with hi-lites
  • Varying hair lengths
  • Various gray percentages in different sections

While many men and women may shy away from choosing custom made hair pieces due to expected high prices, the amount of time they think it will take to create one, or the difficulty in getting the right specifications and fit, none of these concerns should worry you when choosing a custom made hair piece from Advent Hair. Advent's easy to make templates and fitting instructions make it easy to attain your specifications.

Depending on your situation and needs, either a stock pre-made hair piece or a custom made hair piece may be the better choice for you. If you are unsure which is best, you can always learn more about the two options and get more information about the many different types of hair systems available for stock pre-made systems or custom made systems by speaking with a knowledgeable professional at Advent Hair.

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