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Hair Replacement System: How to Achieve a Natural Look

Man checking if his front hairline is a hair replacement giveaway

If you’re looking for a way to cover up your balding head, you’re going to want to do it in as natural-looking and undetectable a way as possible. Hair loss can be a difficult thing to deal with because, whether we like it or not, our hair forms an essential part of our identity. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Thanks to our hear-wearing expertise, we know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to disguising a thinning head of hair.

Hair replacements for men have advanced heaps and bounds over the past two decades, with hundreds of hairpieces on offer, some more realistic than others. Finding an undetectable men’s hairpiece is easy once you know what you’re looking for. So, let us show you the way!

Non-Detectable Hairline

When it comes to achieving a natural look, you want to focus your attention on the front hairline because, if you get it wrong, it could be an immediate hair replacement giveaway. There are several hairline base material options to choose from and each has its pros and cons.

Most hair wearers start off with a polyurethane (PU) front material because it is long-lasting. However, it does create a rigid hairline that, depending on your hairstyle, may not give you the most natural look.

As a general rule of thumb, the thinner the material, the more realistic it is likely to look. French or Swiss lace or bio-skin are very thin materials that are transparent on the forehead and therefore resemble the most natural hairline. 

Lace is porous and can be dyed to match your skin tone, for incredible invisibility. The only downside is that it is fragile and must be handled with care. However, luckily, in the case of a breakage, it can be easily repaired with new lace and brand-new hair! 

Bio skin is a very thin translucent material that, when bonded to the scalp, is undetectable. The hair can be injected, v-looped, or knotted in a random pattern to duplicate a staggering natural hairline. 

Handsome couple happy with their hair replacement

Ventilation Technique

Ventilations play an important part in the appearance and durability of your hair replacement system. For you newbies out there, ventilation refers to the way in which the hair is attached to the hair system base. The most popular ventilation types are knotting, injection and v-looping. 

Knotting ventilation is the most common method and is particularly used with lace hair replacements. The complex procedure consists of each individual hair being tied around the mesh base material with double, single, or half knots. As a general rule, the smaller the knot, the more natural it will look, particularly where the hair density is less; however smaller knots are also less durable. Double knots are the most long-lasting and are ideal for a very thick hair system density that has lots of height, in order to conceal the knotted roots. V-looping and injection ventilations both inject the hair into the skin base and are the most natural-looking, however, they are not as strong and durable as the knot technique. 

Bleaching knots is a good method for disguising hair knots. It involves the hair knots being put through a gentle bleach to lighten the hair color. This leaves the knots virtually invisible, making it look as if the hair is growing naturally from your scalp.  

Man happy because he doesnt have to worry about his hair replacement

Good Quality Hair

Men’s hairpieces can be made from two types of hair: human or synthetic. Both can achieve a very realistic look. 

Natural Human hair looks and feels like the real thing because it is! The hair is co-mingled from multiple donors, cleaned, and dyed. Human hair allows for greater flexibility and styling as it can be curled, permed, straightened, and dyed, just like normal hair. A disadvantage is that it requires periodic coloring as the original color oxidizes over time.

Remy human hair is the finest and most beautiful quality human hair out there. It is handled and processed very carefully; cut from the donor's head, the hair is tagged ‘root end first’ and inserted as such into the base so that the cuticles wrap around each hair point in the same outward growing direction. This reduces common hair problems such as tangling, matting, and dullness. 

Synthetic hair is a blend of Kanekalon and Touperlon, two of the world’s finest synthetic fibers. It is a popular choice amongst hair wearers for its durability, color maintenance, curl retention, and resistance to humidity. The downside is that when you buy a synthetic hair replacement system, you have to commit to one look since you can’t dye, cut or style synthetic strands without damaging them. 

Man considering having a hair replacement


Custom wigs for men offer the most discreet and natural-looking hair replacement solution on the market, making them extremely popular amongst our hair-wearing community.  This is because they allow you to achieve a high level of personalization by working with exact head measurements and finely tuning features that you consider important to your identities, such as hair density, texture, style, color, grey percentage, and highlights.

It’s important to pay attention to specific details in order to provide a realistic and age-appropriate look. For example, if you are a ‘mature’ hair wearer, you might opt for less density in the frontal hairline with 20% gray in the temples and 15% elsewhere, as opposed to recreating the hefty wad you once had at high school. 

Hair systems for men have developed heaps and bounds over the years, becoming ever more undetectable! At Advent Hair, we are on hand to help you find the best, most natural-looking hair replacement and make you feel truly fabulous again!

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