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Toupee Hair: Any different than a wig?

Happy man in the forest taking all the advantages that a toupee hair has to offer

New to the hair world? It can take time to get your head around the many different hair solutions on the market and decide which one is best for you. Wigs, toupees, and hair extensions are some of the most common types of hairpieces available.

Whilst most people are familiar with hair extensions and wigs, there are many misconceptions about toupee hair and its differences from a wig. For example, some people use ‘toupee’ as a fancier word for ‘wig,’ and others believe toupees are hair systems for men. We aim to clarify these common mistakes and clarify the key differences between a toupee and a wig and their individual purposes. 

The main differences between toupee hair and wigs lie in their coverage and attachment methods. Let's have a look:

Lovely woman enjoying her toupee hair

What is Toupee Hair?

Toupees are small hairpieces that are specially designed to cover up bald spots. They are typically worn on the crown of the scalp, an area prone to hair loss.

Toupee hair is made from either synthetic or real human hair. Like all hair systems, the highest quality toupees are made from Remy's hair. However, there are lots of very convincing, natural-looking toupees out there made of synthetic hair too! These hairpieces are usually cut to size and styled to blend in with your remaining hair.

Toupee hairpieces are typically attached to the scalp with a liquid bonding adhesive for a long-lasting bond. Other attachment methods for toupees include tape or metal clips. Your chosen attachment method ultimately depends on the type of toupee you choose and whether you want a short or long-term bond.

Contrary to belief, toupee hair is not just for men. It may or may not surprise you to learn that, like men, women also suffer from hair loss. The main difference is that men tend to suffer more severe and extensive balding, sometimes even from a young age, whereas women’s hair usually loses density gradually.

If you are suffering from hair loss around the crown of your head and are looking for a way to cover it up without undergoing surgery, then toupees are the best hair system solution for you.


  • Coverage: Partial. Specialize in covering specific bald spots.
  • Attachment methods: Adhesive, tape, or metal clips.
  • Material: Human hair and synthetic.

Middle age couple enjoying their toupee hair (1)

What is a Wig?

Wigs are the most well-known and frequently used type of hairpiece that has been around for centuries. As well as providing a solution to hair loss, they have also been used throughout history as a fashion statement or symbol of social status.

Unlike toupees, wigs are a comprehensive hair system that provides full head coverage. Attachment methods depend on the density and base material of your hairpiece, as well as the length of time you want to wear your hair system. For a daily bond, you might choose to use daily tape, or for a long-term bond of up to 4 weeks, then a bonding adhesive would be best. If you’re planning on going swimming or participating in other water-based activities, then opt for a waterproof adhesive instead. 

Both toupees and wigs have in common that they can be made out of human or synthetic hair. When ordering wigs, you can choose between a pre-made or custom hair system. Custom hairpieces are the most popular option amongst our customers as it allows them to create a hair system that is more natural-looking and unique to them. In addition, they allow you to fine-tune specific features important to you, such as hair color and highlights and hair type, density, length, and texture. 


  • Coverage: Full. Cover the entire scalp.
  • Attachment methods: Tape and bonding adhesive. 
  • Material: Human hair and synthetic

Middle age man proudly wearing a toupee hair (1)

Wigs and toupees both require special care and maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best. Shampooing and conditioning are a must! But, it’s fundamental to use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner. At Advent Hair, we provide a huge range of supplies, from leading hair replacement suppliers to help you look after your hair system the right way. Remember, even if your hairpiece is made of human hair, it is still a hair system, not natural hair, so how you treat it will be different. 

Hair systems shouldn't be washed too frequently. Once or twice a week is enough; any more can risk drying out the hair or causing tangles. Leave-in conditioners are a great way to keep your hair moisturized and feeling silky soft. And, if you want an ultra-natural alternative, you can even try making a homemade deep conditioner

For further information or questions, our website provides answers to FAQs, and we also have a resources section with buyer’s guides and blogs. Also, check out our top tips about hairpieces for men and women, such as attachment methods for men’s wigs, summer wig care, or which men’s hairpiece is best for you. 

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