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How to Maintain Your Wig this Summer

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Suffering from a hot, sweaty scalp and a damp wig? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. At the height of summer, wearing a wig can feel as if you’re walking through the Sahara Desert in a fur ushanka-hat - something we’d all rather avoid! As if the discomfort of feeling hot and sweaty isn’t enough of a problem, the frizzing from humidity and oxidation from direct sun exposure can also damage our hair system leading natural hairpieces to lose their shape and style, and affecting the color hues, turning the strands into an unnatural red, brassy color. 

Admittedly, summer for a wig wearer doesn’t come without its challenges, however, the answer certainly isn’t to stay locked inside with the air conditioning on full blast, nor is it to lose the hairpiece entirely. Our expert hair wearers have some top tips to help you protect your luscious locks from those fierce rays and keep you cool, calm, and carefree this summer.

Experiment with a lighter color

Ever wondered if blondes really do have more fun? Perhaps it’s time to find out. Just like we opt for a light-colored wardrobe during the summer, we recommend going for a lighter shade of wig too - sorry brunettes! More than just fashion, lighter colors have a practical function for the summer months as they absorb less heat than darker colors and keep us feeling, and looking, fresh. If you’re not feeling brave enough to embrace a full-on blonde bombshell look, try lightening your wig color by a few shades. You’d be surprised at how much cooler it’ll make you feel.  

Middle age woman with wig outside

Go synthetic

Whilst human hair beats synthetic hair in terms of creating a 'natural' look, when it comes to keeping cool during the hot and humid summer months, a point goes to its man-made counterpart. Human hair is denser and heavier than its synthetic competitor, making your head feel hotter. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, are made of a lightweight fiber and have style memory. This means they don’t lose their style or shape, not even with water or humidity, letting you off the sweaty chore of styling your hairpieces with damaging heat styling tools. 

Give yourself a fresh summer look

Ladies, and long-haired gents, it’s time to play around with new hairstyles and create a new summer look that not only makes you look cool but feel it too. By keeping your hair off your neck, you allow for the circulation of refreshing breezes which will instantly cool you down. Try something different and wear a wig with a fashionable short, swoopy, bob, or fresh pixie look. If you prefer a longer style, keep the hair off your neck with braids, or tie it in a messy up-do. We suggest staying away from the low ponytail look as it can swish around, picking up a sweat from the back of your neck.

Young man in the bathroom admiring his wig

Keep your wigs and hairpieces looking lush 

If you haven’t already, there’s no better time to start your wig care and maintenance routine than right now. The sooner you take control of your hair system maintenance, the longer your hair system will last, the more money you will save, the better bonding attachment you will have and the more empowered you will feel knowing you can maintain your own hairpiece wherever and whenever you need. Wig care becomes even more important in the sticky summer months in order to prevent sun and heat damage before it’s too late. All you have to do is follow these four easy steps and with the proper techniques and products, as well as practice and patience, you will find you can achieve a better attachment and a longer-lasting hairpiece than you have ever had from a hair studio

Step 1: Remove your hairpiece

Do you use tape to attach your hairpiece? If so, gently remove it by lifting the edge of the hair system from your scalp and slowly peel it off. If you’re the proud owner of a lace wig for men or women, we recommend first applying for Lace Release. This will weaken the bond between your wig and hairpiece tape without damaging the delicate lace front.

Do you use adhesive to attach your hairpiece? Have patience! After weeks of daily use, the bonding adhesive will begin to soften. Once this happens, gently pry your fingers under the base to remove it from your head.

The removal processes are exactly the same for all base types and styles, from synthetic men’s wigs to women’s human hair systems.

Young man happy with his wig

Step 2: Keep it clean and conditioned

Start the cleaning process with cleaning solvents to get rid of excess glue and tape residue on the scalp and underside of the hairpiece. Adhesive users should opt for a citrus-based cleaning solvent like Jorgen’s Amber Super Solvent or Walker’s C22. Simply spray the solvent on your head and hairpiece and let it sit for 2-3 minutes before massaging it with your fingers and rinsing off excess glue under warm water. Stronger cleaning solvents, such as Rapid Release, should not be used directly on your skin, so always check the instructions beforehand! 

Once the adhesive has been removed, it’s time for a wash! Always make sure your products are sulfate-free. For human hair systems, Euro Novelle is a great deep cleaning shampoo that will help remove the solvent and any hair product build-up. Remy Soft BlueMAX Moisture Hydrating Cleanser is perfect for summer as it is infused with the Blue Max Protective Sealer that protects your wigs and hairpieces from sun and water damage. To get synthetic wigs sparkling, PPI’s CC2000 will do the trick!

Next, condition, condition, condition!! A good conditioner is the secret behind maintaining those silky soft locks and protecting them from UV rays. For a great color-safe conditioner for human hair, rich with antioxidants that counteract sun damage, try Remy Soft BlueMAX Moisture Lab Recovery Cream followed by Remy Soft Blue Max Protective Sealer to coat and seal the hair shaft, eliminating tangling, locking in moisture, and protecting the hair against unwanted damage. The equivalent for synthetic wigs, Velvasil is a silicone-based, color-safe leave-in conditioner with sunscreen that protects the fibers with a non-oily, velvety smooth coating.

Middle aged couple enjoying their wigs in the summer

Step 3: Prepare your scalp

To achieve the perfect bond, always prep your scalp. Shave off any stray hairs and remove any oil from the sebaceous glands in your scalp that might prevent the bond from adhering - Euro Mudd or Dermal Mud are best for this! Finally, dab Scalp Protector onto your scalp to remove any oil residue. 

Step 4: Ready to attach

Now you’re ready to attach your hairpiece! Learn how to attach men’s hairpieces and women’s wigs via our blog posts and free hair system buyer’s guides. If you have any questions or concerns, our experts at Advent Hair are always here to help!

Keep your cool with these top tips and remember, the more you care for your hairpiece, the longer it will last, and the better you will look and feel. So, whatever you do, don’t forget to carry out your wig care routine before and after long periods in the sun, and live your summer to its fullest!

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