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Hairpieces for Men: Secrets to a realistic hairpiece as you age

Middle age man happy with his choice to use hairpieces for men. (1)

You can try to hide it as much as you want with fashion, make-up, hair dye, or even plastic surgery, but eventually, we all have to face up to the inevitability of growing old and the physical implications that come with it.

For most men, their hair displays the first visible signs of aging, with the first grey strands appearing for some as early as in their 20s. This is usually accompanied by other changes in hair thickness, texture, and growth location. Hair growth starts to slow and the hair strands become smaller. So the thick, coarse mop you once sported as a young man gradually becomes fine, grey, and often scarce in some areas. 

Don’t panic gents! Hair replacements for men are a great solution to disguise those unwanted bald patches, but it’s important to get it right, with a hairpiece that’s age-appropriate. After all, you want to look like a middle-aged man with great hair, not a middle-aged man trying to look 25. 

Allow us to educate you in the art of aging gracefully and teach you how best to style hair systems for men to be the ultimate silver fox.

Middle age man happily wearing his hairpiece for men

Embrace your inner grey fox

Embrace the greys! Look at it as an opportunity to start afresh, reinvent yourself, and embrace a new look. It may feel counterintuitive to look for a greying hairpiece, but with a little confidence and our hair system know-how, we’ll have those silvery streaks looking as dapper as Clooney’s. 

A touch of grey is key to creating a natural look and keeping your hairpiece in harmony with the natural aging process. Most men start to go grey around the temples, so this is often a good place to start. Grey highlights can be made of synthetic fiber or human hair, and are added in 5% increments, to subtly highlight your hair system for men. 

Middle age man thinking about how realistic hairpieces for men are

Choose less density at the temples and front hairline

The front hairline is one of the most important parts to get right when choosing hairpieces for men. If you get it wrong, it can be an immediate hair system giveaway. For a natural hairline, start by selecting the correct material for the front. There are several choices of hairline materials, some more durable than others, and each has its pros and cons and different attachment methods. 

Most men start with a polyurethane (PU) front, which is very durable and long-lasting, however, it creates a rigid hairline that may not look natural, particularly at an age when hair usually starts to thin around the temples and hairline. Finer alternatives of PU include Glass Silk, PU See-Thru, and Bio Skin. The latter option is a very thin translucent material that looks best when bonded to the scalp with hair attachment methods that perfectly imitate a natural staggering hairline.

A men’s lace front creates a stunningly natural hairline, as they are very thin and transparent on the forehead. Lace is porous and is available in three different styles: Swiss, French, or Fine Welded (EZON) for even better invisibility. All laces can be dyed to match your skin tone. Whilst it is important to note that lace can be very fragile, what salons will rarely tell you is that a lace front can be easily replaced with new lace and brand-new hair in the unfortunate event that it rips. The best attachment method for a men’s lace front is either No Shine, Blue Lace tape, or bonding adhesive. 

Hair density is also critical to providing a realistic, age-appropriate look. This simply refers to the number of hairs per square inch and can range from extra-light to extra-heavy. The key here is to create a delicate balance. We all want to look like we’re 25 years old again, but it does look a little ridiculous if you're in your 50s and you have a big wad of hair like your son. 

Your hair density will also influence your choice of base materials for the hairpiece. For example, a fine mono hairpiece base is ideal for medium to extra heavy hair densities, whereas a thin skin hair system is suitable for hair densities from extra light to heavy.

Middle age man happy with his hairpiece for men

Customize your hairpiece

Custom hairpieces tend to be the most popular option amongst our hair wearers due to the high level of personalization that can be achieved. It allows each individual the flexibility to finely tune features important to their identity, resulting in an entirely unique hairpiece. 

One advantage of custom wigs over stock units is that you can vary the density anywhere in the hairpiece. For example, you could have slightly less density in the hairline and gradually increase it through the top and crown area. Likewise, you can have your hair texture and color-matched to precision, and vary the grey throughout the hairpiece. You might want to have 20% grey in the temples and 15% elsewhere, for example. This way you can create a sharp, age-appropriate, and natural look. 

With a custom hairpiece, the possibilities are infinite! We aim to help you find the perfect, undetectable hair system to make you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin - and hair!

Quality hairpieces for men

At Advent Hair one of the many benefits of our direct connection with the hair system factories is the control we have over the quality of our products. Quality craftsmanship is essential to achieving a realistic look, which is why we source the best men’s hairpieces and top-of-the-range base and hair materials for custom wigs.  

We also stock high-quality care and maintenance products, from leading hair replacement suppliers, so that you can look after your hairpieces at home and extend their lifespan. All supplies and hairpieces for men can be ordered on our online shop for immediate worldwide shipment.

For more top tips on hair replacements for men, the benefits of custom wigs versus stock hair systems, or how best to care for and maintain hair systems for men, and much more, check out our blogs and buyer’s guides.

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