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Winter Hairpiece Maintenance: 5 Hair Care Tips for the Cold Weather

older woman with good winter hairpiece maintenance

Winter hairpiece maintenance is essential in the harsher winter months. As you probably already know, cooler weather isn’t always your hair system’s best friend.

In fact, winter weather can cause severe damage to hairpieces, since some materials do worse in colder, harsher temperatures.

To ensure that your hairpiece remains healthy and natural-looking throughout the cooler months, it’s important to follow some simple winter hairpiece maintenance tips.

The best part is that none of these hair care tips take that much effort - they’re easy to incorporate into your daily routine and you may even find that you’re already doing them without realizing!

How does winter weather impact my hair?

First we’re going to dive into how each component of cooler winter weather impacts your hair. Once you know how cold weather impacts your hair system, you’ll find it easier to take steps to keep your hairpiece looking healthy.

Middle aged woman in the snow with her dog using hairpiece maintenece techniques for long hairpiece lifespan

Winter air = dry hairpieces

During the winter months, the air around us tends to get drier which can cause your hairpiece strands to dry out.

In the same way that your skin may get drier and turn flaky, the air does the exact same thing to your hair system - it draws the moisture out of it making your hair appear duller and dryer instead of that natural glossy and shiny look we all want our hair systems to have.

To keep either your custom hairpieces or stock hairpieces looking in top condition, throughout the winter months, we recommend using a homemade deep conditioner.

older couple with good hairpiece maintenance in the winter

Find out how to make your own homemade deep conditioner.

A leave-in conditioner will help replenish some of the moisture your hair system loses to the surrounding dry air.

It's a good idea to give your hair system a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to strengthen the strands and leave your hairpiece with a moisturized base for the rest of the week. Leave-in conditioners will also give your hair system the bonus of feeling super soft.

When applying the conditioner, just make sure that you don't apply it too close to your hair extensions' or hairpieces' bonds as this could damage your hair system.

Read more about using leave-in conditioners.

It’s also important not to shampoo your hair system more than necessary. While it’s essential to keep your hairpiece clean and looking fresh, take care not to overdo it and use shampoo just a couple of times a week.

For a guide to correctly shampooing your hair, check out our post, Hair System Maintenance: Best shampoo and conditioner.

Smiling blonde woman on beach with good hairpiece maintenance

Styling your hair system in the winter

Whether you have a men’s hairpiece or wear a hair system for women, it’s important to reconsider your hairstyling routine during the winter.

As you may already know, hot styling tools like straightening irons, and blow dryers can cause your hair system to dry out. During the winter this is intensified, as your hairpiece strands are already drier than usual.

While it may be tempting to try and warm yourself up by using heated styling tools, you need to use them with caution.

The best way to avoid further drying and damage is to avoid heated tools altogether, but if you do need to style your hair system, make sure to follow a few steps.

Using a diffuser is probably going to be your best bet to make sure that you aren't damaging your hairpiece while styling in the winter.

A hair diffuser is an attachment designed to disperse the airflow of a blow dryer and spread it over a larger area. By using a diffuser, you can ensure that the hot air of a blow dryer is not concentrated, therefore avoiding heat damage to your hairpiece.

If you don't have a diffuser, any hair styling tool that features ceramic plates will keep your hair from being exposed to too much heat. Just remember that winter = dry air, and heat + dry hair = a mess.

Smiling middle aged man with good hairpiece maintenance

You can also take steps to protect your hairpiece strands from the heat and dry air by using protective sprays.

Try using a scalp protector to protect the roots from blasts of cold dry air.

A protective sealer like Remy Soft Blue Max Protective Sealer will also lock in moisture. Containing oils that closely resemble those naturally produced in scalps, the product locks in moisture and prevents your hair system from becoming too dry.

So there you have it, our top tips for a good hair system maintenance routine through the winter to keep your hairpieces looking, soft, shiny, and natural.


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