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Lace Frontal Hairpiece Attachment 101

woman fixing french lace hairpiece attachment

Wigs, hair extensions, and hair replacement systems have become very popular throughout the last few years. Thanks to modern technology they are constantly evolving and improving. Lace frontal hairpieces are often preferred for their their versatility and close resemblance to natural hair.

If you’re wondering whether a frontal hairpiece is the right hair system option for you, read on and learn more about what they are, how they compare to other hair units, and how easy it is to attach them.

What’s a Lace Frontal Hairpiece?

A lace frontal hairpiece is a unit that allows you to pull your hair back while maintaining a perfectly natural appearance. You can choose between different hair densities, wigs for women and men as well as different lace hair system styles.

A frontal hairpiece covers the entire frontal area of your head from temple to temple, right at the hairline without any chance of showing your edges.

An advantage of using this kind of hairpiece is that your hairline is protected from damage and you’ll have maximum versatility when it comes to styling your hair system.

Mature brunette woman with DIY hairpiece attachment

What’s the Difference Between Closures and Frontals?

Sometimes people confuse frontal hairpieces with closure hairpieces. Even though they share some similarities, they each have a distinct set of characteristics that changes how wearers attach them to their scalps. 

Closure hairpieces:

  • Usually attached alongside your hairline. 
  • Covers an area of four inches by four inches.
  • Placement depends on whether your hair system is meant to be closed off.
  • Can limit the variety of hairstyles you wear without the use of hair wefts or lines of demarcation being visible.

Frontal hairpieces:

  • Encloses the entire front area of your head from temple to temple.
  • Provides coverage right from your hairline. 
  • Protects your hairline from damage.
  • Gives you the ability to vary your hairstyle without showing your edges. 
  • Made with silk or lace bases to closely mimic the scalp. 
  • Natural appearance means they are almost impossible to detect as hairpieces.

Mature brunette woman does hairpiece attachment at home

How to Attach a Lace Frontal Hairpiece

If you choose to wear a lace frontal hairpiece, you have a few different options for its attachment. 

Choose from: 

  • Liquid adhesives.
  • Sewing it into an anchor braid in your natural hair.
  • Gluing it at the hairline with an elastic band or with special lace hairpiece tape.
Some people prefer to wear the hairpiece without any glue or other products to hold it down, which is completely fine if it works for you. Other clients wonder if it’s possible to wear lace frontals in combination with hair extensions. The answer is yes and it can even significantly reduce the time it takes to attach a full head of extensions.  

For a guide to removing hair systems check out our blog post, top 3 hair system removal techniques.


Securing Your Lace or Silk Frontal Hairpiece With Glue or Tape

It’s common for people to secure their frontals by using liquid adhesive glue. If you apply the glue properly, the frontal can last up to 2 weeks or more before needing retouching or reattachment. 

It’s also very easy to attach hairpieces in this way since you just need to align the natural hairline of the frontal to yours.

The second most common way of attaching your lace or silk base is by using a special lace hairpiece tape. It’s simple to do at home and only takes a couple of minutes to attach. Hairpiece tape can give you just as strong a hold as liquid adhesive but may not give you that desirable flat result.

Mature blonde woman does hairpiece attachment at home

Lace Base Closure vs. Silk Base Frontals

You may have heard that lace base closures and silk base frontals are pretty similar, but not quite the same. Do you know why? The main differences between the two are the construction, materials, and how they’re attached to the scalp. 

Lace Base Closure and Silk Base Frontal Construction

A lace base is made with nothing other than hair strands embedded into tiny holes. Most of the time, they are thinner and tend to lay flatter, giving the hairline a more natural look. 

Silk closures make the hair unit appear more natural and more similar to your scalp. The silk material underneath is the ideal closure for applying your hair system. However, it’s worth considering that this type of closure tends to be a bit thicker which can make it harder to achieve a super flat application.

Lace Base Closure and Silk Base Frontal Materials

Lace closures are made from thin lace-like materials like Swiss lace which is the one we sell at Advent Hair. Silk closures are made with thicker material, which makes it difficult to see your natural scalp underneath and gives you a more natural-looking parting and scalp. 

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of attaching both lace base closures and silk base frontals.

Middle aged woman with DIY hairpiece attachment

Lace Base Closures: 


  • Gives a scalp like appearance
  • Provides an easy application
  • Highly realistic result


  • Requires more time and effort to achieve the optimum result.
  • Sometimes requires foundation or concealer to be added to the lace to enhance the natural appearance.
  • Must be bleached correctly.

Silk Base Frontals:


  • Usually, there’s no need for bleaching.
  • Knots aren’t detectable due to the silk fabric.
  • Long-lasting.


  • You have to alter or tint the silk base if you have a deeper skin tone with a significantly darker scalp. 
  • They are generally a bit thicker - making it harder to achieve a flat application to the scalp.

If you don’t like the idea of having to stretch your hairpiece from temple to temple, there’s a popular 360 lace frontal trend. This lace frontal base allows you to have a completely natural hairline around the full circumference of your head. It is designed with the idea of significantly cutting down installation time and can even be worn alone.

Whether you go for lace or silk, frontal hairpieces are a great choice. If you care for them correctly, you can wear yours for weeks and even try different hairstyles!


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