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The Ultimate Hair Loss Solution for Women

Sad woman because shes suffering hair loss

Many people think hair loss is a guy's thing. Wrong. We just tend to see it on men more often. True, men experience more severe and expensive balding than women, but that’s not the only reason. Baldness is more socially acceptable for men, and women do a better job at covering it up. 

Imagine you're walking down the street and you see a balding man, would you look twice? Doubt it! Then, you cross the street and you see a balding woman. Would you walk past her with the same indifference? If we’re being truly honest with ourselves, the grand majority probably would not. Society has developed a standard of beauty associated with thick, luscious locks that many women feel the pressure to match up to. As you know, a bad hair day is stressful enough, but thinning hair and growing bald patches, now that’s another ball game entirely. Hair loss in women can severely affect their self-esteem, emotional well-being, and quality of life on a much more drastic level.

How do I know if I suffer from hair loss?

Hair loss is a natural process, when in moderation. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, people shed between 50 and 100 hair stands each day. It’s when those hairs don’t grow back and your daily hair loss visibly exceeds 100 hairs that you know something is not quite right. Visual cues include hair thinning and bald patches, particularly around your parting.

You should also stay alert to a handful of hair falling out when combing or styling. As we mentioned before, some hair loss during these activities is normal, but seeing a drastic change in the quantity is a significant cue for hair loss issues.

Woman that lost a lot of hair because she suffers hair loss (1)

Why do women lose their hair?

It’s estimated that more than 50% of women experience noticeable hair loss. Like men, the most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, also commonly referred to as female-pattern hair loss (FPHL). It is believed to affect about one-third of susceptible women or about 30 million American women. This type of hair loss is most common in women over 40 and tends to be hereditary, accelerated by aging, and hormone changes during menopause. Unlike men who suffer from receding hairlines, for women alopecia begins with gradual thinning at the part line, followed by increasing diffuse hair loss from the top of the head. 

Other potential causes of hair loss in women include medical conditions, chemotherapy or other strong medication, physical and emotional stress, pregnancy, hairstyles that pull on the hair (like tight ponytails or tight braids), or the use of harsh chemicals.

What can I do about it?

Luckily, there are many solutions for women suffering from hair loss. But first, let’s get rid of that negative attitude. 

Repeat after me: “I am not my hair or my hair loss. I am more than that. I am whole with or without hair. My situation does not define me.”

Good job! Now you’ve adopted a better outlook on the matter, it's time to take action. 

When we talk about a solution, we’re not talking about medication or the long, painful, risky, and expensive option of a hair transplant. Rather, we’re proposing a fast and effective solution that’s pain-free, surgery-free, cost-effective, and (almost) instant… Namely, a hair replacement system.

Happy woman with her hairpiece that covers her hair loss problem (1)

Tell me more…

As anyone who wears a wig will tell you, there’s no better tool than a hair replacement system for developing an identity you feel comfortable with, and restoring, or boosting your self-confidence. Hair systems for women can only positively impact your daily life. Sure, it may take some getting used to at first, but once you’ve got the knack of it it’ll become so much a part of your routine that you’ll be able to do it in your sleep.

At work, in the gym, in the pool, on the beach… There are no limits to a confidence-boosting hair system, and you can expect to see an all-around improvement in your performance; you’d be surprised what a bit of self-esteem can do! Still need convincing? Here are some more reasons why using a hair replacement system will be the best decision you’ll make in 2022:

  • Hair systems are non-surgical. They don’t require undergoing risky and painful surgery procedures, unlike hair transplants.
  • Hairpieces are not permanent. While acquiring a hair system for women will be life-changing, it is not a life-long commitment. Though we doubt you’ll look back once you start to wear a wig, a hairpiece gives you the flexibility to change your mind, or look, at any time.
  • Wigs are an (almost) instant fix! We say almost because the only delay is in the time between placing your order and it arriving on your doorstep! You can have your pre-made stock hair system within only 7 days of ordering or wait up to 7 weeks for a custom wig.
    • Hair replacement systems are accessible. There is something out there for every budget, and even the highest quality custom hair system won’t leave a dent in your bank balance - or at least when buying through a direct distributor, like Advent Hair, as opposed to a hair studio!
    • A custom wig can give you full control over your look. The beauty of a custom wig is the ability to personalize it to perfection, for a natural and undetectable hairpiece. You can pick and choose from the numerous hairstyles, hair types, color tones, textures, highlights, gray percentage, density, base and hairline material, and much more.
    • Hair systems are long-lasting. With the right wig care and maintenance, hairpieces can last years and require minimal adjustments to your daily routine.
  • A hair loss solution from the comfort of your home. We understand that walking into a wig shop can feel humiliating and off-putting, that’s why we offer you the possibility to do everything from the comfort and privacy of your home. From getting expert advice to ordering and even fixing and styling your hairpiece into place, you’ll barely need to lift a finger!

You can trust Advent Hair. With over 20 years of personal experience and extensive knowledge of the industry, high-quality products, comprehensive 24/7 customer care service, and reduced costs, you’re in safe hands. It’s time to beat women’s hair loss. We look forward to chatting with you and helping you become the best, most confident, and beautiful version of yourself!

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