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Wig Glue and a Healthy Scalp. What a blend!

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Do you know who's the best at wig attachments? You! Or at least you will be, once you’ve had a bit more practice! Most wig-wearers are driven to hair clubs because they are led to believe that they can’t attach their hair replacement themselves, or at least they think that the salons will do a better job at it. However, what they don’t know is that most hair studio owners and employees don’t wear wigs themselves, making it hard not to question their experience and knowledge about such matters. 

The truth is, the best, most long-lasting attachments can be done by you in the comfort of your home, saving you time and money. Read on for DIY men’s hair system attachment techniques using wig glue for a strong, undetectable attachment, and our top scalp care tips for a healthy scalp!

Scalp Preparation

A good scalp care routine is one of the most important steps towards achieving a strong and durable attachment, whether using bonding adhesive or wig tape. This is because even the smallest amount of dirt, dead skin cells, oil, or leftover adhesive can adversely affect your bond. So, make sure to:

    1. Wash your scalp regularly. If you remove your men’s hair system on a nightly basis, we recommend you include a scalp wash in your morning and bedtime rituals. Otherwise, for those of you who wear your wigs for longer periods of time, make sure to wash your scalp as regularly as possible between wig wears.

      Walker’s Scalp Scrub is a gentle scrub that washes away the dead skin cells to aid in increasing the attachment time of your adhesive bonding glue or wig tape. Made of natural ingredients, such as aloe and coconut oil, it also keeps your scalp moisturized.

    2. Moisturize your scalp. Once your scalp is squeaky clean, pat it dry and apply a lightweight facial moisturizer. Natural options include nourishing essential oils, such as lavender, or aloe vera gels for a soothing, non-sticky layer of moisture. For sensitive scalps, always opt for perfume-free, natural ingredients, or moisturizers developed especially for sensitive skin. Let your moisturizer soak in before proceeding.

    3. Exfoliate once a week. If you have a completely hair-free scalp, we recommend exfoliating once a week with a mitt or exfoliating face wash, such as Euro Exfoliating Scrub. This will remove the dead skin cells that have accumulated under your wig, to encourage a stronger bond and avoid scalp irritation.

Middle age man happy with his purchase of wig glue

Scalp Protectors

Before applying the wig glue or tape to attach your hairpiece for men, use a quality scalp protector to remove any additional natural oil or residue from your scalp and form a barrier between your skin and the hair system attachment. Not only will this make the bond last longer, but it will also protect your scalp and prevent skin irritation.

Walker’s Scalp Protector Thick formula has improved adhesion for hot and humid climates, water and other physical activities, and oily skin. Simply roll it onto your skin to remove any lingering oily residue, allow it to dry for 3 seconds, then attach your hair system. It couldn’t be easier!

Wig Glue Application

Wig glue, also referred to as bonding adhesives, is available in both silicone-based and water-based formulas. Silicone-based formulas are the most popular option because they are stickier, allowing for a stronger hair system bond. Wig glue is available for both perimeter bonding and full head bonding.

Each bonding adhesive is different, which is why it is important to follow the instructions that come along with the adhesive for the best results. That said, here is some general advice for applying wig glue correctly to hair systems for men:

  1. Begin by brushing a thin layer of adhesive onto your scalp. Most wig glues require multiple thin layers for a secure bond. Make sure to let each layer dry before applying the next one, and avoid using too much glue as it can make it harder to clean and care for your wig. 
  2. Never apply the wig glue directly to your men’s hair system. Always apply it directly to your scalp and then place your wig on top.
  3. Once you have applied the wig glue, gently tap it with your fingers to see if it is ready. It should feel sticky.
  4. At this point, it can be helpful to apply a positioning spray before applying the hairpiece so that the adhesive does not dry up whilst you are adjusting your hair system placement.
  5. Place the front of the hair system into position first and slowly move backwards, adjusting the hairpiece as necessary to ensure a good fit.
  6. Next, check the edges of the hair system to make sure they are all fully bonded, if there are any loose parts, lift up the entire unbonded portion and apply a thin layer of adhesive. Lay down the edges and press gently.
  7. Remember to avoid getting your hairpiece wet or exercising for the first 24 hours of your hair system bond. If you can’t wait that long, use Walker MaxHold Sport Dab-On 1.4 oz before bonding your hairpiece for men, in order to speed up the adhesion.

Middle age couple enjoying how strong is their wig glue

Wig Glue Removal

Ready to remove your hairpiece? Make sure you have your solvent to hand! In case you need reminding - solvents play an important part in the success of adhesive removal, without damaging your scalp or hair system.

They are often formed from an alcohol or citrus oil base and come in different formats like liquid and spray. Try a spray solvent like the Jorgen Amber Super Solvent, an outstanding citrus-based cleaning solvent perfect for removing bonding and tape adhesive residue from your system, as well as your own hair.

Or, if you’d prefer a liquid solvent, we recommend the Endura Bond Remover. This all-purpose adhesive remover works well on all permanent attachment adhesives, and can also be used to remove any residual adhesive from your scalp.

For more information on removing wig glue, you can check out our comprehensive step-by-step guide, here

Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon discover that you’re achieving a stronger, more professional bond and that your hair replacement for men is lasting longer than when you went to the hair studio. All it takes is patience and practice, and you’ll quickly realize that there’s no one better at attaching wigs than you!

For further information or questions, our website provides answers to FAQs. We also have a resources section with buyer’s guides and blogs. There you’ll find everything you need to know about buying hair systems for men and women, as well as top tips about different attachment methods for men’s hair systems, styling ideas for hairpieces for men, how to protect your hair system from sun damage, and much, much more! 

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