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How to Remove Wig Glue the Easy Way

Middle aged woman looking at how to remove wig glue

Who would have thought there’s a right (and wrong) way of removing your hair system? Usually, most people worry so much about the how’s of placing their hairpiece on their head, that they forget they’ll have to take it off at some point.

Feel like you can relate?

Today, we’re showing you how you can remove your hairpiece the easy way. There will always come a time when we must take our hair systems off. Have no idea how to remove your hairpiece nice and easy?

Don’t sweat it.

Here are our top 10 steps for removing wig glue the easy way.

1. Take Your Time

The number one thing to keep in mind when removing your hair system is that it takes time - don’t wait until 30 minutes before you go out to that fancy event or that get-together with your friends. Plan ahead and do it when you have a few hours to spare.

Middle aged man removing wig glue

2. Use the Right Hair System Removal Products

The most important product you’ll need for successful hair system removal is the solvent. If you need a reminder - solvents are products that can remove adhesive without damaging your scalp or hair system.

They are often formed from an alcohol or citrus oil base and come in different formats like liquid and spray. You could try a spray solvent like the Jorgen Amber Super Solvent, an outstanding citrus-based cleaning solvent perfect for removing bonding and tape adhesive residue from your system, as well as your own hair.

You could also try liquid solvents. We recommend the Endura Bond Remover, an all-purpose adhesive remover that works well on all permanent attachment adhesives, and can also be used to remove any residual adhesive from your scalp.\

3. Use a Mirror

It goes without saying that you should stand in front of a mirror so you can get a better look at what you’re doing.

Our top tip would be to keep a towel near you for some damage control. Trust us, when we say you don’t want any solvent or adhesive residue dripping on your face or worse, getting in your eyes.

4. Clip Your Hair Back

Before starting, clip the hairs on the front of your hairpiece back so none of them get in your way, then take the solvent and apply it on the adhesive or tape.

Woman attempting to remove wig glue

5. Apply the Solvent Properly

If your solvent is the spray kind, don’t spray it all over. Get the bottle nozzle as close to the base of the hair system as possible, and spray it on the area where the adhesive or tape is attached to the scalp. Keep going until it feels wet. When you apply it like this, you’ll get a much better application of the solvent and won’t waste the product.

If your solvent is the liquid kind, you just need to apply it where your hair system meets your scalp. Do this all the way around your head, and don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water once you’re done.

6. Leave the Solvent to Get to Work

Wait a minute or two for the solvent to work on the adhesive. If you try lifting the hair system off before the solvent has really worked on the adhesive, then you risk losing a bit of hair.

Middle aged woman looking at how to remove wig glue (1)

7. Carefully Remove Your Hair System

When a minute or so is up, gently push your hair system back with your fingertips. When the hair system is ready to come off, it will start to release itself on its own. Remember not to force it, otherwise you risk damaging it. If it doesn’t move easily, then you may not have applied enough solvent or waited long enough. In this situation, apply some more solvent and wait another minute.

Once the hair system is loose, push it back carefully. You may feel an urge to speed things up the first few times, but rushing it won’t get you anywhere. If anything, it could irritate your skin or pull out some hairs so be patient.

8. Keep a Towel Nearby

The solvent may start dripping, so keep a towel close by and keeping wiping your face to prevent it from seeping into your eyes.

9. Slowly Peel the Adhesive

Start by gradually peeling the adhesive from the front of your scalp and moving backwards.

Smiling middle aged woman thinking about removing wig glue

10. Remove the Adhesive Remnants

If there’s still some residue on your head, apply or spray some solvent on it and you should get rid of any remnants. You can also use Q-tips to help.

Follow these 10 steps for removing wig glue the easy way and you’ll make your life simpler and keep your hair systems in better condition for longer.


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