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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Remy Human Hair Extensions

Woman putting on her hair extensions  (1)

Remy hair extensions are considered the crème de la crème of hair replacement systems. The term ‘Remy’ refers to human hair extensions that have undergone minimal processing. Each strand of our natural hair has an outer layer known as the cuticle. This layer is essential as it gives our hair its natural shine, protects it from damage, and makes it easy to manage. However, this only works when every hair strand is aligned. This is what sets Remy's human hair extensions apart from the rest. 

Unlike other types of natural human hair wigs, all the cuticles are left intact and aligned so that the tips and roots face the same direction as if they had grown naturally from your scalp. This technique is what makes the hair as lustrous, silky soft, and tangle-free as a natural head of hair. It is also what makes it the most desired of all human hair extensions and, unsurprisingly, the most expensive. Read on as we share five of the top benefits of Remy hair extensions and dispel the myths around them.

  1. The most natural-looking hair extensions
    It is extremely difficult to distinguish a Remy hair extension from natural hair. The aligned and intact hair cuticles reflect the natural light, giving it the same lustrous sheen as a healthy head of hair. In comparison, other types of natural human hair wigs will look slightly dull and lifeless.
  2. They have an unbeatable lifespan
    Thanks to their unique construction, Remy hair extensions are much more durable and long-lasting than synthetic hairpieces or other types of human hair systems. The intact cuticles mean you don’t have to worry as much about direct sunlight exposure or frequent hair washing.

Remy's hair extensions can last up to 12 months when cared for. To put it into perspective, that is about four times more than a non-Remy hair extension. However, like all hair replacement systems, Remy's hair will eventually lose its sheen, become brittle, and need replacing.

Girl cliping in her hair extensions. (1)

    3. They have an unbeatable lifespan

Remy hair extensions are made from and fabricated like natural human hair, making them behave like such. Unlike other types of hair systems, they do not require any additional maintenance and can be incorporated into your usual hair care regime. You can even swim in Remy hair extensions if you wish, though avoiding sleeping in them while wet is best. Extend their lifespan by brushing them regularly, washing them with high-quality products, and wearing them up at night. If you want to give your hair some additional TLC, the Remy Soft BlueMAX Moisture Lab 3 Step System - consisting of shampoo, conditioner, and a protective sealer - is a great option, providing the perfect balance of softening and protection properties. Remember, Remy hair extensions are designed to give you the confidence to live life to the fullest, not to hinder your available time!

    4. They are heat and dye-friendly

We meant what we said about treating Remy's hair like your own. If you decide to change your hair color, later on, you can easily dye your Remy human hair extensions to match. They are also super easy to style as they can be blow-dried, straightened, and curled using heat-styling tools and retain their shape for longer.

    5. They are tangle-free

Thanks to its intact and aligned cuticles, Remy's hair retains its silky soft texture and is immune to matting and tangling. This is what makes them the most easily managed and long-living hair extension type. That said, they are not exempt from hair brushing or your usual hair care routine! The Hair Doctor Comb is a compact comb designed especially for hair systems.

Woman with hair extensions (3)

Dispelling the myths…

REMY hair extensions are painful.

Wrong. Remy hair extensions are not painful or uncomfortable to wear. Any pain or discomfort will likely result from the application method, a sensitive scalp, or if it's your first time using hair extensions. However, this can happen with all hair extension types, and it is likely to be because your scalp is not used to the newly added weight, or they were not installed correctly. 

Our Remy hairpieces are available as clip-in or tape-in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are the least likely to cause pain or discomfort because they are usually worn for short periods and are easy to adjust or re-position if necessary. Tape-in hair extensions may cause initial discomfort whilst your skin gets used to the tape. Use Brisk Scalp Freshener between bonds to clean and refresh the skin and reduce scalp irritation caused by excessive build-up of adhesives, oils, and perspiration.

REMY hair extensions are expensive.

As is often the case, the higher the quality of a product, the higher the price. However, that is not to say Remy's hair extensions are unaffordable. At AdventHair, we want all of our customers to enjoy the hair they deserve, so we keep our prices as low as possible. Unlike hair replacement salons, we are a factory-direct distributor. That means we don’t have all the extra expenses of a salon, and we eliminate the middlemen that lead to costly hair unit markups. Instead, we maintain a low hair system cost, allowing you to save substantial money by ordering your hair replacement systems directly from the factory.

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