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Tips for a Soft and Silky Hair System

Happy woman with soft hair system

How often have you thought about having soft, silky, and natural-looking hair? For many people that wear hair, this may seem like a dream that won't come true. However, fortunately it is possible to keep your hairpiece soft and silky!

Spending time properly caring for your hair system and following a proper hairpiece maintenance routine is key to getting the results you want! Read on and find out everything you need to know to keep your hair system ultra-silky and soft!

Sebum and Hair Systems

Before we get started with how you can keep your hair system soft, it’s important to understand what sebum is and how it impacts the softness of your hair system. 

Sebum is a natural oil that every person has, not just in their scalp but also all over the body. Produced and secreted by sebaceous glands, this natural oil helps maintain your hair's softness and shine and protects each hair strand. You can think of Sebum as a natural conditioner that is generated by the body that covers growing hair. 

Unfortunately, sebum doesn't work the same way on hair systems as it does with natural hair. Sebum has a hard time getting to the hair of your hair system, and even if it does — wearing, washing, and cleaning will dry out any sebum left on your hair system. But all is not lost, even without sebum in your hairpiece, it is still possible to keep it soft and silky as long as you follow a few simple steps.

Middle aged woman washing soft hair system

Steps to a Soft Hair System


For a truly soft hair system, one of the most important things you can do is wash your hair correctly. 

Avoid washing your hair system with hot water, use warm to cold water instead. Don't wash your hair system too often either. Over-washing your hair system can cause it to dry out. We recommend washing two or three times a week.

It is also essential that you use gentle shampoos designed for use with hair systems such as RemySoft BlueMAX Moisture Hydrating Cleanser.



Using a conditioner is key to having a soft hair system! Since your hair system is not able to be conditioned with natural sebum, a combination of regular and leave-in conditioner can be used to substitute the moisture that the hair of your hair system needs.

After washing your hairpiece, apply the correct amount of conditioner from the top of your hairpiece to the bottom — being careful not to get the conditioner too close to the hair system base. Make sure that the conditioner is evenly distributed.

We have loads of specially formulated conditioners that make it easy to condition your hair properly.

One of our bestselling conditioners is RemySoft BlueMAX Moisture Lab Recovery Cream. This is best used in combination with the BlueMAX Protective Sealer, and RemySoft shampoo products which provide you with a complete hair system maintenance solution.
It’s also a good idea to incorporate leave-in conditioners into your regular hairpiece maintenance routine. These will give your hair system a deep conditioning treatment and leave your hair feeling softer throughout the day.
You can try one of our leave-in conditioners like Walker Leave-In Conditioner or you can have a bit of fun with it and try making your own homemade leave-in conditioner. If you're interested in learning more about how to get the most out of leave-in conditioner, take a look at our post on the topic!

Mature woman happy with her soft and silky hairpiece

Use the Correct Brush

When choosing a brush, make sure to opt for one that’s specially made for hair systems. Our RemySoft Beauty & Opulence Boar Bristle Brush also helps condition your hair system, with sebum that naturally occurs in boar bristles. After longer nylon bristles detangle your hair, the boar bristles leave an ultra-thin coating of sebum on each hair strand, keeping them soft and silky.

Avoid Damaging Your Hair System

When it comes to caring for your custom or stock hair system, there are a few key things to avoid doing to prevent your hair system from becoming damaged.

Avoid Hot Styling Tools

While curling and flat irons can beautifully style your hair, they cause a lot of damage to hair strands in your hairpiece. The heat of these tools dry, dull, and hurt hair strands. Excessive ironing burns your hair, turning it hard, bristly, and causing split ends. Limit use of these tools exclusively to special occasions or better yet don’t use them at all!

Avoid Excessive Sun 

Too much sun can cause significant damage to your hair strands, affecting the appearance and softness of your hair system. The sun dries out your hair strands and causes them to take on brassy hues — a complete giveaway that you’re wearing a hair system!

The good news is that you can still spend time outside as long as you take care to protect your hair system either with UV-resistant serums and leave-in conditioners or a hat. If you’re worried you’ve already damaged your hair system it’s not too late! Take a look at our post on the topic to see how you can bring your hairpiece back to life.

Go Easy on the Hairspray

Believe it or not, using too much hairspray can cause your hair to harden and make it difficult to comb and look natural. Try to only use it for special occasions or when you really need to keep your hair in place. 

Woman happy with beautiful hair system

Keeping your hair system soft and silky isn’t such a challenge when you follow our simple tips. Once you start paying closer attention to your hair system maintenance and start avoiding things that can damage your hairpiece, you’ll find your hair system looks its best for much longer.

Got any other questions for us? Feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number.

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