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5 Tips to Take Care of Your Hairpiece During Summer


Summer is here, and so are all the fun outdoor activities! Some people tend to worry about their hair system being exposed to the sun, or fearing to go for a swim because they might damage their hairpiece. But we have great news for you! If you follow our tips to take care of your hair system during summer, you'll might as well enjoy your vacations to the fullest while having perfect, natural hair looks.

Keep reading and take all the notes you need!

Before moving on to maintenance tips, we should first get to know what exactly can damage your hair during holiday season.


What should you be worried about?

  • Humidity is one of biggest causes of damage in a hair system. On a hot summer day with humidity, hair tends to lose its moisture and get a lot of frizz. We have a full blog post about humidity damage where you'll find some tips to deal with this hair problem!


  • The sun! Our beloved sun in hot days can cause a lot of damage to both natural hair and hair systems. Even though the sun can't burn your hair, the heat can cause your hair to have a drier and duller look, and also be more fragile and brittle. You can also learn more about sunlight damage to your hair system here.


  • UV Rays from the sun are very harmful too. It can cause oxidation on your hair system and affect its color, turning it red or even orange.


  • Do you love the wind running through your hair system? Be careful because it can cause tangling and matting!


  • WATER! Those beautiful, clean waters from the Caribbean sea or the hotel pool might damage your hairpiece. Both chlorine and salt water can dry, and bleach your hair.  Chemicals in a pool bind to the hair and give it a greyish or greenish cast. Mineral deposits in salt water, in combination with sunlight, severely dehydrate hair and turn it brittle.



Now that we know what can damage your hair system during summer, let's learn how to prevent it.


Damage Prevention Tips


- Tip #1:

Beat the humidity by conditioning! Using a conditioner with UV protection can help you control the frizz, stop color from fading and won't allow your hair to get dry.


 - Tip #2:

Don't forget to wear protection on your hair! Wearing your favorite summer hat or scarf will protect you a lot from the sun and the wind. If your hair system is long you can tie it back and prevent it from getting tangled.


 - Tip #3:

This summer you can dive into the pool or the beach with no worry. But before, remember to apply a waterproof wig adhesive to your tape for extra hold. Also applying conditioner before you get into the water will help your hair system to not absorb all the chlorine or the salt. Once you get out of the water, don't forget to rinse with cool water.


 - Tip #4:

If you have a spare hair system, use it! That way your newer hair system will last longer, look fresh and natural.


 - Tip #5:

After a fun summer day, remember to treat your wig. Hot days can cause sweat and oils to accumulate under your hair system, causing your scalp to itch and have an unpleasant smell.




Remember - always use recommended products to help you clean a hair piece. Exfoliating shampoo is a must to clean up your scalp and remove residues. Never forget to hydrate your hair (either your system's hair and your own hair) not only to maintain its freshness, but also to get rid of tangles. Last but not least, be careful with the sun exposure!

Free yourself from worries this summer and use your hair system or wig on any occasion! Remember - the more you think about it, the more people will notice. So simply follow our advice and you'll be fine, and looking good, throughout the whole summer!

Hope you find these tips useful, as we did.

If you still have any questions remaining about hair systems maintenance, why not asking directly to our advisors? We'll be glad to help you.


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