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Prevent Hair From Falling Out of your Hair System

Mature woman with hair falling our of hair system

Losing hair from your hair system can be a pretty stressful, uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing problem to have. Although it’s not that common for hair to fall out of hair replacement systems, some customers have a difficult time trying to prevent this from happening when they buy low quality and often cheaper hair systems.

Aside from purchasing high-quality hair systems and products, the best way to stop hair loss from your hairpiece is to understand why it happens and learn how to prevent it. Even the best hair systems sometimes shed a strand or two, so it’s important to ensure you’re taking the best possible care of yours to prevent hair loss.

Today we’re going to show you what causes hair loss in hair systems and what you can do to stop it from happening.

Common Problems with Hair Systems

Without realizing, we can actually cause damage to our hair systems just by performing everyday tasks as part of our daily routine. Here are some of the most common ways you may be damaging your hair system.

Incorrect and Excessive Brushing

While it’s a good idea to brush your hair regularly, doing it too often and incorrectly can cause you to lose strands of your hair. It’s important to use brushes that are specially designed for hair systems and to do it carefully and gently. Check out our guide to brushing hair systems for the full list of do’s and don'ts when brushing your hair system.

Brunette smiling woman wearing hair system

Ignoring Tangles & Neglecting Hair System Maintenance

If you spot any tangles on your hair system you need to make it a priority to get rid of them straight away! Leaving tangles in your hair for a long time can make it much harder to detangle your hair and may even cause tears to your unit after getting snagged on something.

When it comes to tangles they’re commonly caused by:

Hot or cold water

Water that’s too hot or cold can cause your hair system to lose its moisture and cause it to tangle. When washing your hair, try to use warm water to prevent tangles from happening.


Friction from your hair rubbing on your pillows at night or clothing during the day can cause tangles to show up in your hair system. The friction causes the cuticle of your hair to open which leaves it exposed to tangling. To prevent this from happening, use silk or satin pillowcases instead of cotton ones.

If you do spot a tangle in your hair, make sure to detangle it gently with a wide-toothed comb.

Incorrect Washing

One of the biggest causes of hair loss from hair systems is due to customers neglecting to wash their hair system properly. Many wearers leave conditioner in the roots of the hairpiece which can cause hair strands to slip loose from the base. Always remember to keep conditioner away from the base of your hair system and thoroughly rinse hair after applying it.

It’s also essential to use high-quality shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for hair systems. You shouldn’t use products that are for growing human hair as they don’t contain the necessary ingredients to keep your hair system soft and shiny, and even some ingredients that can damage your hairpiece.

Take a look at our full guide to washing your hair system properly at home for more best practices for washing your hair system.

Mature woman taking precautions to prevent hair falling out of hair systemWeak Hair System Knots

Knots bond hair strands to the lace on your hair system. Each hair strand on your unit is first inserted into the lace base before being knotted so it can remain attached. To prevent knots from becoming damaged, it’s a good idea to use a quality knot sealer regularly.

For more tips on caring for your hair knots, take a look at our guide to caring for your hair knots.

Hair System Repairs

If your hair system has already been damaged and you’ve noticed a hole or a tear somewhere in the base, don’t panic! It’s possible to get your hair system back to its natural healthy-looking appearance by following a few at-home hair system repair steps.

When it comes to wig repair, there are a few main options you have depending on the hair system type and extent of the damage. Choose from repairing your hair system with:

Hairpiece tape

You can use extended wear high tack tape to cover the torn area. Max Adhesive Prodigy Tape or Walker Tape’s Blue Lace Tape are good options.

Needle and thread

Choose a transparent thread or a color that’s the same as your hair strands. Sew with a simple overcast stitch and keep your stitches small and close to the tear so your comb or brush doesn’t get caught in the stitches.

Blonde middle aged woman wearing a hair systemFor more repair tips, take a look at our full guide to DIY at-home hair system repairs.

Remember that if the damage is too severe for you to repair by yourself, you can always send your hair system to our wig repair service.

Preventing hair from falling out of your hair system comes down to taking good care of it in the first place and following a solid hair system maintenance routine. When you take the time to look after your hair replacement system, you’ll find it stays in better condition for longer and doesn’t shed as many strands.

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