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Hair System Maintenance: 3 Ways to Care for your Hair Knots

middle aged business man satisfied with clean hairpiece with strong hair knots

You may have heard of hairpiece knots before, but have you wondered what they're for and why they're so important? To prolong your hair system's lifespan, it’s vital that you properly care for the knots of your hairpiece. 

The reason that knots are so important to your hair system has to do with how they are made. Hair is bonded to the lace hairpiece base with many little knots that are vital to hair strength and hair durability. Each hair is meticulously knotted into the base so that it can remain attached to the hair base. You can see these hair knots on your hair piece by parting the hair of the hair base. You will see many small black dots - one at the 'root’ of each hair, each one being a knot of your hairpiece. There are many ways in which you can extend the lifespan of your hairpiece knots. Here we will go over our top 3 tips.

1) Don’t use bleach:

You may have also heard of people bleaching their hairpiece knots for a more ‘natural’ look. However, the harshness of bleach can weaken the knots of your hairpiece and take years away from the lifespan of your hair system. Bleach is a very strong chemical and when misused, it can damage your hairpiece - from the lace to the very-important hair knots. For this reason, we strongly recommend against bleaching your hair knots.

If you feel as though you must bleach your hair knots, make sure to consult an expert stylist. A specialist can bleach your hair knots in a way that will cause the smallest amount of damage to your hairpiece. Though do keep in mind that no matter how you do it, bleaching your hair knots will always damage your hairpiece. 

2) Care for your hairpiece:

When considering how to take care of hair knots, it is important to acknowledge that the general maintenance of your hairpiece will benefit your hairpiece knots. It is always a good idea to keep your hair system clean, conditioned, and free of adhesive buildup. If you allow dirt and adhesive to build up on your hairpiece, you risk causing damage to your hairpiece knots and your hairpiece in general. We have written an entire blog post exclusively dedicated to hairpiece adhesive removal, which can give you some guidance on the topic!

middle aged woman enjoying beach day with healthy hairpiece made with strong hair knots

3) Seal your hairpiece:

As we’ve said before, you should look at your hair system as an investment, and in doing so, you should take steps, such as sealing hair knots, in order to prolong its life span. Knot sealer is a special formula designed to support and protect hairpiece knots so that they do not break or come undone. Stronger hair knots allow the hairs of the hairpiece to remain attached for much longer- avoiding excess shedding and prolonging the life of your hairpiece. 

You can take a look at the various knot sealers that we have available in our online store and see which one is a good fit for you!

One great knot sealer is Walker Tape Top-Loc Knot Sealer. you can use this on a regular basis to protect hairpiece knots, and prevent hair loss overall. 

TDi Fast Trak Knot Sealer is also a wonderful solution for at-home maintenance.

In order to apply knot sealer, first make sure your hair system is shampooed and conditioned. This is important because hair knot sealers work best if you apply them immediately after cleaning the base.

Once your hair system is dry, you can turn the lace cap inside out and lightly spray a layer of knot sealer evenly over the lace. It is not necessary to soak the base, as that will only waste the product and can cause damage to the base. While sealing your hair system, be sure to keep your distance from the spray as to avoid breathing it in or getting it in your eyes.

hairpiece maker using hair knots to make lace front hairpiece with brunette hair

Wait 10 minutes for the layer to dry and repeat the process, this time spraying a light mist on the areas where you feel like you comb more often, or where you usually apply your adhesive. When you’re done, let your hairpiece air-dry for a few minutes so that the knot sealer can cure fully. We recommend against using a hairdryer for this process as it can damage your hairpiece.

Once your hairpiece is dry, you're all set! With just a small amount of effort you will have extended the life of your hairpiece knots. With continued maintenance and hair knot sealing, you'll observe fewer hairs falling from your hairpiece along with fewer repairs needed on your hair system.

Do you have any other questions for us? Feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number 1-800-756-8585. We are more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have!

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