Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

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Ordering Mens Hair Systems

The idea of wearing a mens hair replacement system may seem a little awkward, but if you’ve been watching your hairline change significantly, you may feel that it is not just a matter of pride. It is an investment in your professional appearance that brings you to investigate mens hair systems more thoroughly.

The idea of a strange piece of “toupee” atop the head is more a matter of humor-driven media, and the high quality mens hair systems at Advent Hair are dramatically different. Mens hair systems are created of high quality materials to accommodate men from all walks of life in their need to compensate for lost or thinning hair. There are many materials and approaches, and it’s possible for most men to find a system from Advent Hair that fits their lifestyles while looking natural.

Advent Hair has a number of stock selections in hair system choices. As you browse our site, you will find that base materials and adhesive materials are explained in depth. Selecting a system involves use of a tool that allows you to focus on specific needs, including hair color. You aren’t left at the mercy of an online image to make such an important choice though, as you are able to send in a sample of your hair in order to obtain a good match.

Customized mens hair systems are also available, and similarly, you will navigate through a set of menu options in order to designate your preferences in coloring, density, texture and structural materials used in your system. You will be contacted prior to the construction of your custom system or prior to the mailing of your stock system in order that we can confirm your choices and assure that you understand what you will be receiving. Advent Hair strives to provide a quality experience for every customer, and we are happy to provide one-on-one help through our toll free hotline.

Advent Hair continues to provide support with mens hair systems by carrying important adhesive and hairpiece care supplies and tools. Additionally, we maintain customer records from your orders so that future systems can be easily ordered and crafted based on the measurements on record. You will appreciate our attention to detail and our thorough approach to helping you successfully work with your new mens hair systems.

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