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Hair System Maintenance: The 10 best products

Middle aged woman with good hair system maintenance

Hair system maintenance products are a key part of keeping your hair system looking its best. We all want healthy, natural, and shiny-looking hair systems. Top-quality hair system maintenance products will also ensure that you prolong your hair system’s lifespan.

For best results, it’s important to stick to a daily hair system maintenance routine. If you spend just a few minutes of the day taking care of your hair system, you’ll find it much easier to keep your hairpiece looking amazing. 

Today we’ll be looking at the top 10 products you should consider incorporating into your daily or weekly hair system maintenance routine.

Hair System Adhesive

Hair adhesives are what bond your hair system to your scalp and keep your hairpiece in place while you go about your daily activities. Depending on your lifestyle choices and general preferences, you may prefer one type of hair adhesive over another.

Middle aged woman doing hair system maintenance

Here are our favorites options: 

Hairpiece Tape Contours

  • Euro Pro-Flex Mini Bonding Adhesive Tabs: These are medical-grade tabs for bonding all types of hairpieces to your head. You can expect a 1-3 week hold, on average, for most wearers. They contain 36 pieces per package, and they are perfect for attaching lace & non-lace fronts. These are best if you don’t like the idea of using liquids to secure your hair replacement system.These are medical grade tabs for bonding all types of hair systems to your head. You can expect a 1-3 week hold, on average, for most wearers. You can find 36 pieces per package, and they are perfect for attaching lace & non-lace fronts. These are best if you don’t like the idea of using liquids to secure your hair system.

Hairpiece Tape Rolls

  • Blue Lace Tape Roll:It's used explicitly for attaching lace bases and lace fronts (French Lace, Swiss Lace, Fine Welded Mono, and Hollywood Lace) to the scalp. The tape is very thin and non-reflective; hence your scalp will not shine! Plus, it's double-sided and measures 3/4" x 12 yards.

Hair System Liquid Adhesives

Liquid adhesives are great for securing your hair system to your scalp for longer periods of time.

  • Walker Ultra Hold Brush On: This is an excellent acrylic adhesive suitable for both perimeter bonding and full head bonds. An ideal adhesive for attaching lace wigs, we recommend not applying it directly to the lace. The bottle includes a built-in brush for easy application.

Hair System Clips

  • Hair Clips: Hair clips are ideally suited for the quick attachment and removal of your hair replacement system. They can easily be sewn into the perimeter of your hair system’s base. You can select the one that best fits your hairpiece, they are available in 3 sizes; Small - 5/8", Medium - 1", and Large - 1 1/4".

Middle aged couple with solid hair system maintenance routine

Hair System Cleaning

Keeping your hair system clean is an essential part of hair system maintenance and will help ensure your hair system remains damage-free for longer.


  • Shampoo with Silk Proteins: A superb shampoo for human hair systems. Adds strength and shine to the hair with its water-soluble polymer that forms a film on the hair to aid in wet combing. Also adds a tremendous body and shine, leaving the hair feeling silky and soft. Prelude works well on all hair types and is a good synthetic hair shampoo.


  • Conditioner (PPI):Conditioner II® is safe for damaged, processed, and color-treated hair. The soft hair conditioner leaves hair smooth, manageable, and easier to style. It contains panthenol, which thickens and repairs human hair.

Hairsprays and Gels

Brushes and Combs

  • Remy Soft 123 Loops Brush: If you wear a hair system, this custom hairbrush is an absolute must-have in your daily hair care routine. One hundred and twenty-three nylon loops enable this brush to smoothly glide through your hair and remove tangles without the worry of snagging on your bonds, bases, or natural hair strands.
  • Effectively detangling your hair is an essential part of a solid wig care routine and will help prevent breakages and other avoidable damage.

Middle aged woman doing hair system maintenance in bathroom

Scalp and Hair Protection

  • Scalp Protector: For those that have oily skin or if you just want to be sure to create a stronghold with tape, apply the Scalp Protector around the perimeter of your head before attaching the system. It’s much more convenient than dabbing a cotton ball with isopropyl alcohol and rubbing across your head. Allow it to dry, then secure the hair system to your scalp.

Knot Sealers

  • Fast Trak Hair Tape Tab & Knot Sealer: If you wear a lace front, this TDi knot sealer is a MUST for you! Most salons do not seal the underside knots of a lace front, so when you remove the frontal lace tape, you rip out a wad of frontal hair. Even if they do seal the knots, you should re-seal the front once per month for proper preventive maintenance. The 4 oz spray bottle of TDi wig knot sealer is super easy to use at home.

Leave-in Conditioners

  • Nearly Natural Moisture Mist: Nearly Natural's Moisture Mist is a MUST product for every hair system. This leave-in conditioning spray contains aloe and hydrolyzed silk that increases the flexibility of the hair to decrease damage during styling while providing an excellent sunscreen protector. It creates shine without weighing hair down. The sprayer means it’s easy to use.


Learn more about using leave-in conditioners for ultra-soft and silky hair systems. 

Find more wig maintenance tips on our blog.


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