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Extend the Life of Your Hair Piece with Hair System Repair

Young man looking into the mirror, deciding to repair his Hair System or not

Nothing lasts forever, not even your carefully cared for and maintained top quality hairpiece! Whether by the passing of time, excess sun exposure, or an unfortunate incident, even the very best hair systems on the market will need updating every once in a while.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean going out and spending a fortune on a completely new hairpiece. In most cases, where damage is not completely detrimental and irreparable, hair system repair provides a more convenient and affordable option. Ready to find out more? 

What is Hair System Repair?

Advent Hair offers repair services for hair systems, to extend their lifespan! If you wear a wig, you’ve likely already experienced the stresses surrounding hair loss. We don’t want you to go through that uncomfortable experience again with a damaged hair replacement system. That’s why our experienced hair repair team is on permanent standby to restore hair systems with all levels of damage and deterioration, almost back to new! 

We are able to repair any hair system, whether our own or from other manufacturers. And, our services come at a fraction of the price of salons, with exceptional results! 

Middle aged woman wearing a Hair System

What can I have repaired?

Whether custom or stock, men’s wig or women’s, toupee or full head hair system, we can fix it! The most commonly repaired hairpieces include French lace wigs, Fine Mono mesh bases, skin grafts and French lace frontals.

One of the most common hair system repair needs is the addition of hair. Over time and with frequent or daily use, hairpieces gradually lose strands and the hair can become dry or damaged. But that’s no cause for concern. Our hair experts are here to the rescue, to add more hair to your hairpiece where needed, increase the density to your desired level, or simply replace sun-damaged hair. Pricing depends on the length and type of replacement needed.

Other common hair system repairs include restoring damaged lace in the front part of your hairpiece. We know that accidents happen, so whether your current hair system’s frontal lace is frayed or completely ripped, we provide outstanding lace wig repair services to get your locks looking seamlessly natural and sleek in no time. For those who have older wigs with rough, scratchy lace, we are able to replace it with a softer alternative, such as French, EZON or Swiss Lace, for greater comfort.

Additional repairs include fixing damaged poly, mesh or lace bases, and more! 

There are, however, a few hairpiece circumstances that we are unable to repair. Namely, extensive rips in the polyskin perimeter and hair systems that are more than 5 years old and likely just need replacing.

Young couple enjoying their Hair System

What is the hairpiece reparation process?

We have made the process as simple and straightforward as possible:

  1. Request your hairpiece repair form.
  2. We will mail the form to you, detailing the most common areas of hair system repair needs.
  3. You will need to fill out the information and send it to us, along with your hair system.
  4. Once we have inspected your hair system, we will contact you personally via phone or email to discuss your needs in detail. At this point, we will also provide you with the final price for your hairpiece repair.
  5. Our hair repair experts get to work! All hairpiece repair jobs take between 7-8 weeks to complete. 
  6. Your hair system is back on your head and it’s looking as good as new! 

Middle aged man wearing a Hair System

Prevent Hair System Damage with Wig Care & Maintenance

As much as we hate to admit it, eventual hair system deterioration is inevitable. That said, with the right wig care and maintenance, you can prevent damage and keep your hairpiece looking and feeling fabulous for longer. Here’s how:

  • Wash your hair system. Keeping your hair system clean will keep it soft and tangle-free and help you maintain a healthy scalp. Remember, hairpieces shouldn't be washed too frequently. Once or twice a week is enough, any more can risk drying out the hair.
  • Condition regularly! The trick to maintaining soft and luscious hair is to keep it conditioned. After washing your hairpiece, gently massage the conditioner evenly from the top of your hair to the bottom. Leave-in conditioners are another great way to protect against dryness, UV damage and shedding. And, for those who prefer organic treatments, why not try a homemade deep conditioner!
  • Use the right products for your hair system. Always make sure your products are sulfate-free and that they are appropriate for your hair system type. Synthetic and human hair systems have different qualities and therefore different needs, so it’s important to always check the products are suitable for your hair type before purchasing!

Attractive middle age woman enjoying her Hair System

  • Limit the amount of hair strand loss with a knot sealer. Knot sealers are special formulas that seal and protect the delicate knots at the base of your hairpiece and keep shedding to a minimum. Start by giving Walker Tape Top-Loc Knot Sealer a go!
  • Avoid chlorinated and saltwater. Chlorine and salt are damaging to both synthetic and natural human hair, so they’re best avoided. If this is not possible, we recommend designating a cheaper hair system for beach and pool use. Another handy tip to prevent damage is by putting a good amount of leave-in conditioner in your hair before swimming. This provides a protective layer between the water and the hair of your hair system.
  • Avoid extensive sun exposure. Strong UV rays produce a chemical reaction called oxidation that damages the outer layer of the hairpiece and affects the color hues. Where possible, prevent sun-damaged hair by using a hat or a headscarf to keep your hair system out of direct exposure. Make sure to use UV hair system protection products such as protective sealers, leave-in conditioners and color-correcting shampoos.
  • Avoid blow-dryers and heated hair-styling tools. An absolute no-go for synthetic hair replacements and best avoided on human hair pieces, heated styling tools melt synthetic hair and dry out human hair. Opt instead for drying your hair with a towel, or better yet, a cotton tee shirt. 


To learn the secrets of wig and hairpiece repair, download our Repair Order Form Instructions.

Got any other questions for us? Feel free to call us. We’ll be more than happy to help you with any other burning questions or doubts you might have.

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