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Hairpiece Repair: Restore your hairpiece to new condition

Senior woman deciding if she should restore her hairpiece

No matter how much time and effort you put into the care and maintenance of your hair replacement system, even the world’s best hair system won’t last forever.

Eventually, everyday wear and tear will get the better of your hairpiece, and it’s at this point that some professionals and salon workers will tell you it’s time for a replacement. But not us! We’re here to show you that that isn’t your only option! In fact, we believe your first port of call should be a hairpiece repair service, especially if it’s under five years old. As well as being an easier and more cost-effective option, you’ll be stunned by how hairpiece repair can get your non-surgical hair replacement looking as good as new! 

That’s right, manufacturing custom and stock hair systems aren’t our only specialty! Our hair experts have the skills and specialist knowledge to repair your hair replacement systems, even if you didn’t get your hairpiece from Advent Hair! And, if we do think your favorite hairpiece has passed the state of repair, following inspection, we know how to recreate it to the utmost precision. So, either way, you’re guaranteed to get your prized hair system back - it’s a win-win! 

Middle age man happy with his restored hairpiece

Common Hair System Damage

Nothing beats the silky soft and perfectly colored abundance of hair that comes with a new hairpiece. Not to mention the feeling of pure happiness and marvel the first time you wear your hairpiece and witness your draw-droppingly gorgeous reflection in the mirror. However, with the passing of time, sun exposure, and other incidents, your hair system will inevitably deteriorate and you may start to experience some of the following issues:

  • Discoloration
  • Diminished hair density
  • Torn or fraying lace or mesh
  • Base material damage
  • Dry, dull, and lusterless hair

Luckily, hair replacement systems that have sustained these and other such damages are not without hope! Our skilled hair system professionals are on hand to provide your best hair system with all the necessary TLC and restore it back to new condition, making you look and feel your best again.

Happy Middle age couple with their hairpiece (1)

What hairpieces can I get repaired?

You might be wondering whether your custom-made hairpiece can be fixed, given its individuality. You’ll be glad to hear that there are no limits to our talents and therefore nor the hair replacement systems we can mend! For your reassurance and peace of mind, here’s a list of some commonly repaired hair systems:

  • Custom hair systems
  • Stock hair systems
  • Men’s hair pieces, including toupees, hair patches for men, full-head, and more.
  • Women’s hair pieces, including full-head, top of head, integration bases, and more.
  • Lace frontals and hairlines
  • French and Swiss lace wigs
  • Fine Mono mesh bases
  • Skin grafts
  • Amongst others!

Though far and few between, there are some circumstances where we don’t recommend repairing your hairpiece. For instance, if your hair system is more than 5 years old. Or if your polyskin perimeter has an extensive rip. In such cases, we will likely recommend replacing your hair system with a new one. 

Young couple looking for a good hairpiece online

Prepare your hair system for repairs

Once you have downloaded and completed our hairpiece repair form, it’s time to get your hair system ready for sending! All repairs and maintenance must be performed on a clean hair system. That means your hair must be shampooed and all tape and adhesive residue removed. 

All squeaky clean? Then send it over with the filled-out repair form, ready for our inspection!

What happens next?

Upon reception of your non-surgical hair replacement, we will examine it and then contact you directly via phone or email to further discuss the details of your hairpiece requirements. We will also provide you with a final quote for the repairs. If you’re happy, our hairpiece repair experts will get to work! 

Please note, all hairpiece repair jobs take between 7-8 weeks to complete, so we recommend you have another hair replacement system on standby in the meantime! And trust us, it’ll be worth the wait!

Do you have unanswered questions, or need more information about hairpiece repair or care and maintenance? Don’t hesitate to contact Advent Hair for help and guidance as you start to explore options for repairs and spare hair systems. Our website provides answers to FAQs and we also have a resources section with buyer’s guides and blogs. There, you’ll find everything you need to know about buying hair replacements for men and women, as well as top tips about the best men’s hair replacement systems, styling tips, how to swim with hairpieces, and much, much more!


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