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Hair Club for Men: Hair Replacement Choices

Hair Club Choices Hair Club Choices
Having the type of hair you want – whether your goal is to retain what you currently have or regain what you might have lost – is just as important as your teeth are to the smile you present to the world. Even a hair replacement system that you might have been wearing from Hair Club for Men can be better designed for your individual needs to achieve the hair-style you’ve always wanted.

The Hair Club for Men and Women

There are several Hair Club for Men hair systems that they offer, but they tend to push their Bio Matrix hair system for all clients.  They feel that the BMX will fit any size head and able to be styled into todays most popular looks.  But, this is not necessarily true.  Your head shape is unique and the coverage you need varies from the next person.  There are many options to consider for a custom-fitted hair system.  For example, base materials are designed with both breathability, durability and naturalness in mind.  They can be made with different hair densities and waves, to highlights of varying depths.  There’s no need to make your head conform to a hairpiece – it should work the other way around.

Custom Hair Replacement Solution - Many Choices

Whether you’re a man or a woman who’s experienced the confidence-sapping condition of hair loss, you can appreciate the efficacy of a well-made wig that’s indistinguishable from your real hair. The sheer range of hair styles to which Advent Hair has access to virtually guarantees you’ll find something that fits well.  

Using base materials like french lace, fine mono and skin grafts will provide you with a perfect fitting, durable and natural looking head of hair that you have never experienced before.

Woman have the option to wear a French Lace wig that looks like the individual hairs are growing from their scalp. The Integration Bases allow you to integrate your own hair for more volume.  You can confidently sport an elegant top-of-the-head hair unit for that special occasion, or anytime you want to look even more stunning than usual. Don't be satisfied or restricted by the selections at Hair Club for Men; other choices are available.

Finding the Best Hair Solution for You

It’s time to take the extra step, beyond merely dreaming about the new look you envision. Although they may be actors, the smiles and happiness of those Hair Club for Men participants you see on TV are real. Countless satisfied customers simply decided one day – it’s time to pull the trigger and take control. Once you’ve downloaded Advent’s brochure and viewed the many different base designs available, you’ll wonder what was holding you back before. You’ll learn how to properly measure your head for the perfect fitting hair system and even how to design a template.  Your hair system will be custom made in our overseas factory, and about 6 weeks later, you can start living your dream.

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