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Shaken, Not Stirred: James Bond and Hair Pieces For Men

James Bond using hair piecesJames Bond has been an enduring masculine icon and sex symbol since the 1960s. Charismatic and mysterious, Ian Fleming’s fictional British secret agent charmed the world with his sexy appeal and suave manner. A notorious womanizer, 007 is rarely seen without a beautiful woman by his side. The ladies desire him and men want to be just like him. So, what’s the secret to his eternal good looks?

A hairpiece - yes, really! The actors that portrayed James Bond didn't always live up to the slick, dark-haired hunk that moviegoers expected. However, it was nothing that a top-quality hair system for men couldn’t fix!

A 1960s Scottish heartthrob, Sir Sean Connery was the first actor to portray the British secret agent, James Bond. With his gentlemanly charm, dashing good looks, and muscular build, he naturally had the whole Bond package… well, almost! Sir Connery had been experiencing male pattern baldness since the age of 20, a decade prior to taking on the role in Dr. No. A balding Bond didn’t quite match the sex god appeal the film directors were after, so he agreed to wear a men’s hair system throughout filming. Did you ever notice? Didn’t think so! The custom wig was made to blend in seamlessly with his natural hair. However, unlike 007, Sir Connery didn't mind exposing his bald spot offset!

The second 007 actor, David Niven only played Bond once in Casino Royale (1967). It is believed that the British-born star had taken to wearing hair replacements for men, both on and off-screen, from the mid-1950s onwards. 

Young man happy with the advantages that using hair pieces has provided

The only Bond to go ‘au natural’ in the hair department was George Lazenby, who played the British spy only once in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). The 30-year old actor was blessed with a natural full head of thick, dark hair - genetics were on his side! Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton, who played Bond in the 1980s, didn’t wear hairpieces for men either, but they did get their hair touched up. Moore dyed his hair for all of the films and disguised his receding hairline with a short back and sides cut. Dalton had a healthy enough head of hair at the time of filming, although he was experiencing some minor hair loss and a receding hairline. This was resolved with modest comb-overs and clever lighting. Although, he probably would have been better off with a custom wig, at least for the ease of filming!

Our 90s Bond, Pierce Brosnan, had a bit of a receding hairline in his first two Bond films, GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies, but got away without wearing a hairpiece. However, in an interview with USA Today, Pierce openly admitted to wearing a partial custom wig in his final two movies, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day. Way to go, Pierce! 

Since his first Bond appearance in Casino Royale in 2006, Daniel Craig has challenged the trademark wad of perpetually slicked-back, dark hair. Unlike former Bonds, he sported lighter, blondish locks styled in a short haircut designed to make fine hair look fuller. Rumor has it that in the subsequent films, that spanned a 10-year period, Craig wore hairpieces to add density to his own hair. Now, 58 years and 25 films later, it’s no surprise that Bond’s receding hairline has become more pronounced and that he has started to grey. In the trailer for the forthcoming film No Time To Die (2021), Daniel Craig seems to have achieved yet another James Bond first with a silver fox look. It will be the first time 007 will be seen working a grey-tinged hairstyle. And, judging by the hair density, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a top-quality custom wig or toupee!

Young man happy with his hair piece

So, we can only draw one conclusion from all this: James Bond’s sex appeal and dashing good looks are in part thanks to high-quality hairpieces! Our Hollywood stars have shown us the impressive potential of a good quality custom wig to hide the evidence of male pattern baldness so that it can’t be detected, even in a close-up on a cinema screen. Remember, the trick is to choose a realistic-looking men’s hair system with a natural hairline and hair density. If you’re at an age where going grey is expected, follow 007’s lead and embrace it! And, don’t forget, a good wig care routine is key to the longevity and Bond-like sleekness of your hairpiece! 

Get your own secret agent-style top-quality hairpiece for men and we’ll show you how to wear a wig with style. And, don’t forget to check out our huge range of wig care and maintenance products from leading hair system suppliers, to help you take care of your men’s hair system the right way.

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