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Tangles on your Hair System? Get Rid of Them Now!

Posted on August 19th 2018


Tangles on a beautiful hair system can be an extreme stress and mess! If you don't clean your hair correctly what can happen? Tangles. If your out having fun on a windy day what can happen? Tangles. In other words, tangling is almost inevitable on wigs, hair pieces, and hair systems.

Maintenance, Hair Systems, Advent Hair

Cleaning your Hair System Like a Pro

Posted on August 12th 2018

The secret to a beautiful hair system is how well you take care of it. You don't necessarily have to go to a professional to help you do this, neither purchase expensive products. Knowing the right techniques and tips will help you have a clean and natural looking hair system.

Maintenance, Hair Systems, Advent Hair

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Hairpiece During Summer

Posted on August 05th 2018

Summer is here, and so are all the fun outdoor activities! Some people tend to worry about their hair system being exposed to the sun, or fearing to go for a swim because they might damage their hairpiece. But we have great news for you! If you follow our tips to take care of your hair system during summer, you'll might as well enjoy your vacations to the fullest while having perfect, natural hair looks.

Keep reading and take all the notes you need!

Hair Maintenance, Tips, Advent Hair

Size and Shape: the measurements of a perfect Hair System

Posted on July 22th 2018

Hair systems sizes and shapes are not standard. That's why you will need to provide an accurate measurement of your head. Also, choosing the correct size and shape will allow you to have a more natural look and a better fit. But first, we need to know how should we measure.

System mantainance, Advent Hair, Styling

Frontal Hair Attachment 101

Posted on July 15th 2018

Wigs, extensions and hair systems have become very popular throughout the years, but they are in constant evolution with technology, and fashion - specially frontal hair pieces, due to its versatility and close resemblance to natural hair.

If you're still not convinced if a frontal hair piece is the right option for you, let us help you out on making the best decision. Keep reading and learn everything there is to know about this wonderful option to improve your looks.

Adhesives & Attachment, Men's Hair Replacement, Women's Hair Replacement, Hair Systems

Different Types of Brushes for Hair Systems

Posted on July 08th 2018

Brushes are a wonderful styling aid, but many people don't pay much attention when it comes to buying the right brush. Incorrect brushing, specially with the wrong type of brush can cause serious damage to your natural hair and hair system.

Having a healthy and beautiful hair system demands good care, and of course, the ideal brush!

Hair Systems, System mantainance, Brushes and Combs

Everything you Need to Know About Styling your Wig

Posted on July 01th 2018

Wigs can be fun, practical, and the perfect accessory to give yourself a fresh look, if you decide to style it up. It takes little effort, and much creativity! Nevertheless, you should first know the basics not to damage your hairpiece, and keep it with a natural look. There are some rules to be followed, and good advice you can get, so here’s our tips in questions and answers that might pop in your mind. Let's jump in!

Hairdos, coloring, Styling

Advent Hair vs. Hair Studios

Posted on June 24th 2018

Visiting hair replacement studios to ask for hair system’s advisory and attachment tips is very common, mostly because most people don’t even begin to consider that they could manage hair systems themselves.

Hair Systems, Advent Hair

Advent Hair: Our story, and why we’re the best at what we do

Posted on June 17th 2018

Advent Hair systems is a specialized hair replacement retail store that has been in the business since 1994. We’ve begun as a direct manufacturer of quality made hair systems for men – and since then we never stopped evolving our business and creating many, different, happy customers all over the U.S..

Hair Systems, Advent Hair

What if I'm Not Happy with a Product? AH Customer Service

Posted on June 10th 2018

We’ve come a long way to make sure we collected happy, fully satisfied customers over the years. It was not an easy process, but it was surely very enriching and fulfilling to know that customers would trust more and more on Advent Hair’s products and overall services over the years.

Hair System Suppliers, Advent Hair


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