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Going for a swim while wearing your wig: It can be done

Posted on January 21th 2017

There’s nothing better than spending a good day at the beach or pool with your loved ones. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and everyone’s having a blast. But if you happen to be wearing a hair replacement method, be it a wig, a topper or a full-head hair system, it’s only a matter of time before the question crosses your mind:

Can I go for a swim while wearing a wig or hair system?

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Wigs in Hollywood

Posted on January 15th 2017

One of the major strengths of wigs is the endless possibilities that they offer when a quick change of look is needed in a pinch. One moment you can go from brunette to blonde and even redhead, with absolutely no harm done at all to your natural hair, unlike hair dyes and other available options.

That being said, it becomes fairly obvious why hairpieces and wig are such a valued and commonly seen asset in today’s filmmaking industry.

Whether it be on the big screen or the little screen, there’s a good chance that a wig was used for a scene or two at least.

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Can you leave a hairpiece with glue on for a week?

Posted on January 08th 2017

How long should you be wearing your hairpiece for? Is it fine to leave it with glue on for extended period or times? Say a couple of days or even a week?

Those are all questions that hair system wearers will eventually ask themselves, be it newcomers to the hair replacement life or seasoned veterans whenever they’re investigating about a new hair piece or bonding adhesive.


Hair Systems in the Show Business

Posted on January 01th 2017


High-quality wigs and hair systems allow for a very quick and very believable change of looks, making them incredibly versatile and useful in both real life everyday use, and in the show and entertainment business.

From actors and singers to models and show hosts, hair systems have found their way in almost every single form of art or entertainment, thanks to the incredible possibilities they provide when wanting to change a person’s appearance.

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Advanced Hair System Maintenance Kit

Posted on December 25th 2016

Natural hair is a very delicate thing, it can lose its color, get burned, broken, and damaged in a hundred different ways. But hair always grows back so no damage is truly permanent, right?

Well yeah, that may apply to hair currently growing out of your head, but damage to a hair system? There’s a very good chance that it might be permanent.

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Styling your Hair System 101

Posted on December 18th 2016

Picture this: You ordered a hair system from an internet hair replacement provider a couple of weeks ago and your brand new awesome hair system just arrived in the mail!

What’s the first thing that you should do?

Wear it, obviously! Well, not really.

Hair Maintenance

Cold Weather Vs Hair Systems

Posted on December 11th 2016

We’ve talked about how to take care of your hair systems in hot, sunny weathers. But what about sporting your favorite hair system in cold weathers? Do they pose any threat to the integrity and longevity of your hair replacement method? Do you need to keep any special considerations in mind?


We’re here to answer all of those and much, much more.

Hair Maintenance

Storing Hairpieces: More important than you think

Posted on December 04th 2016


Natural hair is a very delicate thing, after all, there’s a reason why both men and women spend so much time and money taking care of it.

But, do you know what’s even more delicate than human hair? A hairpiece.

Unlike natural hair, hairpieces can’t generate any oils to protect them from damage caused by prolonged sun or dust exposure, and they sure as hell can’t grow back like natural hair can.

That’s why properly storing your hairpieces goes a really long way when it comes to maintaining your hairpiece’ natural, awesome looks.


Hair systems Vs. Sunlight

Posted on November 27th 2016

We have talked about how direct sunlight can damage a hair system, a process also known as oxidation, but what exactly is this so-called “oxidation”? How does it relate to sunlight? How does it damage a hair system? And what can you do about it?

Keep reading to find all of these answers and much more.

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How many hairpieces should you own?

Posted on November 20th 2016

How many hairpieces should you own? That's a question every will eventually ask themselves at least once.

And for such a basic and essential question like that, you’d be surprised at how hard it is to answer.

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