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Home Remedies for Systems with Frizzy Hair

Posted on October 16th 2016

Keeping in line with our previous posts where we’ve talked about how to properly clean, dry and care for your hair systems, we wanted to double down on a very pesky and common problem some hair replacement wearers might run into:


Hair Maintenance

Why do you get gray hair?

Posted on October 09th 2016

Everybody gets some gray hair eventually. No matter your ethnicity or gender, as years goes by you’ll eventually start to notice more and more of the shiny gray-silver strands popping up all over your scalp. But why? why do you get gray hair? what causes gray hair? and can you do anything about them?

Here’s everything you need to know about gray hair, what causes it and what you can do about them!

Hair Maintenance

Male Pattern Baldness Part 1: What causes it?

Posted on October 02th 2016

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: losing your hair sucks. It directly impacts the way you look, therefore changing the way you feel about yourself. We know that losing your hair is pretty rough, it can end up affecting your personal relationships and even your professional life.

But why do men start losing their hair? Are all cases of hair loss the same? Or is there a type of hair loss that is more common than other ones? If that’s the case, what causes it?

Hair Loss

How to achieve the maximum hairpiece lifespan?

Posted on September 25th 2016


When making an important purchase it’s perfectly normal to have questions such as: how long does this thing last for? Will it break down after a couple of uses? How do I go about maintaining and taking care of it? What’s its expected lifespan anyways? And how can you maximize it?

And the exact same questions go through people’s heads before purchasing a hairpiece.

Hair Maintenance

Are Synthetic and Human Hair products the same thing?

Posted on September 18th 2016

Using the right shampoo and conditioner can make all the difference in the world when it comes to hair systems. Want your good looking, human hair system to look absolutely amazing? Do you want it to last for as long as possible?

Hair Maintenance

What is the best way to clean your hair systems?

Posted on September 11th 2016

Last week we talked about drying your hair systems after you clean them. But how exactly do you clean a hair piece? It’s a very simple and quick process. Let’s find out how, shall we?

Hair Maintenance

How to dry your hair pieces without damaging them

Posted on September 04th 2016

We’ve talked about how to properly clean your hair pieces in the past, but how exactly can you dry them after cleaning them?  Drying your hair piece is an important part of the whole cleaning process, and it should be considered as such.

Hair Maintenance

The Best Hair Replacement Systems in the market

Posted on August 28th 2016

There are tons of different options in today’s market when it comes to hair replacement systems. So naturally, the question arises: what’s the best one?

Hair Extensions, REMY hair, Custom Hair Systems

Afro Hair Wigs: Can they match natural afro hair?

Posted on August 21th 2016

We’ve talked about the different types of women’s hair in the past, but we wanted to revisit the topic to double down on afro hair classifications.

Woman's Hair Solutions, Women of color, Women's Hair Replacement

Real Hair Wigs Vs. Synthetic Hair Wigs

Posted on August 14th 2016


We already talked about the benefits of real hair wigs in the past, but we wanted to double down on the subject to answer some of your burning questions!


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