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Top Tips to Style your Hair Up for Carnival Season

Posted on February 18th 2018

Do you like complete disguises for Carnival, or do you prefer a little make-up and a hairstyle that refers to your favorite character? In both cases the hair can not overshadow. They are very important to give more emphasis to your costume and make it more believable. However, our hair is not always sufficient, sometimes we need some tricks.


Tips, Hairdos, Carnival

Romantic Hairdos for your Valentine's Day!

Posted on February 11th 2018

Is Valentine's Day approaching and are you thinking of the right look to amaze your partner?

For the most romantic evening of the year, once you have decided on clothing and make-up, you have to think about your hair: especially on this occasion it's worth to astonish your lover with a different look. Without exaggeration and radical changes: romantic Valentine's hairstyles must respect the mood of the day, so they must be feminine, but with a touch of sensuality.

Valentine's Day, Tips, Hairdos

10 Questions with answers about Hair Extensions

Posted on February 04th 2018

The extensions are artificial additions to your hair. Unlike wigs, extensions don’t have the function to create a hairstyle on the head, but to thicken or lengthen the hair already present. We have gathered the most difficult questions any girl or women have faced to decide whether or not to get hair extensions:

Hair Extensions, Tips

For men: 3 ways of styling your hair systems

Posted on January 28th 2018

Long ago, hair pieces, transplants and toupees were not advanced or developed enough to easily convince anyone that it was natural. In fact, these systems were quite easy to spot. Also, if we go waaay back in time, we actually find that wigs and all kinds of hair accessories were very fashionable, as they represented wealth, vanity, and luxury.

Twenties, wigs

6 Tips to Keep your Hair Systems Smooth and Soft

Posted on January 22th 2018


Keeping the softness of hair replacement systems can be complicated, delicate, and repetitive. It might also take you some time to master all the best techniques of maintenance. But if you are well informed, and you know where to start, it might not be so hard, especially when you see the results of your maintenance efforts.

Hair Maintenance, Hair Systems

5 Reasons Why Hair Systems Are Better Than Surgery

Posted on January 14th 2018


The last few years have seen exponential growth of  people with hair loss problems. Also, non-surgical  options are now more popular, comparing to hair transplant surgery solutions. Hair replacement systems have also evolved over time, improving and developing quality.

Hair Systems, Surgery

The Best Wigs to Attend Roaring Twenties Parties

Posted on January 05th 2018

There is no more fascinating era than the '20s. These unforgettable years were immortalized by famous novels, and some became successful movies, such as The Great Gatsby. The 20s dresses are certainly among the most popular theme parties, for the joy of women who can choose from fabulous dresses, hair bands and fantastic makeup. Also, men can wear fantastic accessories from Borsalinos to pocket watches, and, of course, the glamorous slicked hair.

Twenties, wigs

10 Hair Trends For the Upcoming Year

Posted on December 26th 2017

As 2018 begins to show up around the corner, new year’s resolutions start popping up in people’s minds. Some will opt for an optimal return to the gym, others will focus on planning summer trips and others might plan to work abroad. However, it is never a bad idea to include a dazzling new look amongst your new year goals. Beautiful hairstyling trends are coming our way and we’re here to make sure you invest in yourself with stunning fashion!

Liquid vs Tape. Which one is better?

Posted on December 10th 2017

Choosing a suitable adhesive for your hair system involves a very complex and personal decision. When most people face the decision of choosing which product to use, they usually don’t rely on the proper knowledge about the subject. Indeed, each skin responds differently to the many different adhesive substances available in the market. Thanks to this wide variety of products, you can try out different solutions to understand how they function and which one best suits your skin.

How to travel with a Hair System

Posted on December 05th 2017

We all love vacations! Having days off is what our bodies sometimes need to shake off busy routines and finally relax. Besides, Christmas is one of those dates in which many take the opportunity to travel with their loved ones.


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