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Frontal Hair Attachment Made Easy

Posted on October 19th 2017

Are you having trouble putting on your frontal hair attachment? No worries, you’re not alone! It’s no secret that front lace systems look great, but they can also be very tricky to attach correctly. Think about it, is it worth investing on a hair system without actually knowing how to properly use it? Luckily, this guide should orient you in the right direction.

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Clip In Extensions & Short Hair: Possible?

Posted on September 22th 2017

Want to have long hair for a day? Saw a hairstyle that you feel you can pull off if only you had longer hair? Or maybe you’re just looking for a bit more volume? Don’t let your hair length stand in your way!

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Everything You Need to Know About Oxidation

Posted on September 18th 2017

Oxidation may sound like old news on our blog. It’s not the first time we’ve brought this subject up, but it won’t do any harm to give you guys a friendly reminder of what it can do to your hair system either.

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Hair System Removal Guide

Posted on August 18th 2017

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, the time comes to stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself, how do I get this thing off my head?

We are so into perfecting how to put our hair systems on, how to learn all the tips and tricks behind the arts of applying our hairpiece, that we forget we will actually have to take it off at some point.

Yes, it’s about time we exit the denial zone and face the fact that we can’t keep our hairpieces on forever. So now that we have to go through with it, shouldn’t it be done the right way?

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Clip In Hair Extensions Guide

Posted on July 30th 2017

Clip in hair extensions are an excellent way to give yourself a quick and free of commitment change of look. Imagining what you'd look like with longer hair? maybe even more volume? Well, extensions allow you to see how you'd look without the need to imagine it, just clip on some extensions and voilà!

But a very important question pops into anyone's mind whenever they're thinking about getting clip in extensions:

How on earth do you go about clipping them on your hair?

Well, that's what today's blog entry is here to answer.

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Long Hair System Preparation

Posted on July 23th 2017

Long hair systems can look incredibly beautiful and natural when properly prepared and attached. But that's exactly the tricky part: properly preparing it for a long-lasting, secure attachment.

Tackling the preparation of a long hair system just like you would any other regular hair system is setting yourself up for failure. Due to the increased length of the hair strands when compared to short hair systems, they have their own nuances that need to be accounted for.

And that's what today's blog entry is all about!

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Hair System Detangling 101

Posted on July 16th 2017

There’s nothing like effortlessly running your fingers through your hair, right? Having smooth, healthy strands is something pretty much every hair wearer aims for and no wonder; it works the same with our natural hair, we are used to paying some extra attention when it starts to look dull or damaged.

Sometimes heavy tangles get in the way of showing the world your shiny locks. For many, this issue happens more than they would like, which is why we decided to make today’s blog post all about getting rid of those tangles, nice and easy. Go ahead and keep reading if tangled hair is a problem you want to tackle!

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How To Clean Your Front Hairline

Posted on July 09th 2017

It’s safe to say that lace front hair systems make our hairline look really natural, really easy, right? But no matter how many times you’ve felt like your hair system has gone undetected, there’s still that one time that every hair wearer has to deal with at some point, something that becomes particularly common among lace fronts wearers, and that is dirty hairlines.

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Brief History of Wigs

Posted on July 02th 2017

Have you ever wondered where wigs come from? If you're an avid hair wearer you've probably seen lots of types of wigs over the years, both in your everyday life and in mediums of entertainment like movies, but who invented them and when where they invented?

Those are some questions today's entry aims to answer.

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Hairpiece Adhesives 101

Posted on June 16th 2017

Choosing the correct adhesive is the key to enjoying your hairpiece on a daily basis. Choosing the right allows you to do pretty much anything while wearing your hairpiece: from dancing all night to swimming, the possibilities are endless. So it’s no wonder that picking an adhesive can be a daunting task at first. Adhesives are a very personal thing and not everyone will react the same to one adhesive in particular, and this just adds to the whole difficulty of choosing the right one.

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