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Advent Hair: Our story, and why we’re the best at what we do

Posted on June 17th 2018

Advent Hair systems is a specialized hair replacement retail store that has been in the business since 1994. We’ve begun as a direct manufacturer of quality made hair systems for men – and since then we never stopped evolving our business and creating many, different, happy customers all over the U.S..

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What if I'm Not Happy with a Product? AH Customer Service

Posted on June 10th 2018

We’ve come a long way to make sure we collected happy, fully satisfied customers over the years. It was not an easy process, but it was surely very enriching and fulfilling to know that customers would trust more and more on Advent Hair’s products and overall services over the years.

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5 Reasons why you should choose Advent Hair's Hair Systems

Posted on June 03th 2018

Advent Hair has been in the business of hair systems since 1994. It’s been 24 years now, and we’re very glad to have gathered over the years more than fifteen hundred happy customers.

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Hair System's Adhesives: Big Questions with Easy Answers

Posted on May 27th 2018

If you enjoyed our last week's post on Questions and Answers on Hair System Maintenance, we bet you're going to enjoy our new Q&A post. We've arranged to briefly respond some of the main questions that pop up when dealing with Hair System's adhesive. Feel no more tackiness with these easy answers for your main struggles with adhesives!

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Hair Systems Maintenance: Big Questions with Easy Answers

Posted on May 20th 2018

Figuring out how to manage hair systems can be tricky, if you’re not well advised. As specialists on this topic, we figure there are some questions that usually come to your mind. With this post, we address some of the biggest challenges that come up regarding hair systems, and demystify them by giving easy answers and solutions. Let’s jump in!

Hair Maintenance

How to Practice Sports While Using Hair Systems

Posted on May 13th 2018


Making a way out of hair clubs, and becoming a daily user of hair systems, should not interfere with our daily lives. Some myths about hair systems tell us that our routine and habits will change in many occasions if you use it - however, this is not the truth. If you learn how to use your hair systems properly, ultimately it will only provide benefits.

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5 Reasons Why You Can Manage Hair Systems Yourself

Posted on May 06th 2018

Hair systems are a solution for advanced alopecia, as it allows you to add the desired amount of hair pieces to cover areas of the head with low density of hair. Through different techniques, natural hair is fixed to the customer’s head, avoiding the risk of it falling apart. It’s an effective way to solve insecurities, and get your life going with better looks.

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How to Flatten your Wig

Posted on April 22th 2018


 All wigs are subject to the same strays, curls and general messiness that exists on our natural hair. With time, even a straight hair wig can gain some undesired waves. Also, depending on the type of wig, the flattening methods will be different, in order to preserve its quality and overall look. 

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The 3 Essential Vitamins for our Hair

Posted on April 16th 2018

 Have you ever asked yourself what is the main source of hair nourishment? It's simple. Vitamins! A vitamin consists of organic compounds which are essential for normal growth and nutrition, usually required in small quantities in a diet, because they can't be synthesized by the body.

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7 Must-have products for your wig's maintenance

Posted on April 08th 2018

Keeping up with the maintenance of your system is no joke! Owning a system requires some simple steps to maintain the classy looks that it offers. Using the best products and proper timing is the perfect recipe to keep your system glowing and flashing.

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