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How to change the adhesive in the front of a hairpiece

Posted on March 19th 2017

Did you know there’s an easy way to change the adhesive on the front of your hairpiece without having to remove the entire thing? If you didn’t, then you’ve been missing out!

Forget about taking your entire hair system off when all you want to do is to change the adhesive on your frontal hairline. Follow these easy steps and see for yourself!

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Poly hair systems and tape: A good match?

Posted on March 12th 2017

Don’t you feel like lace systems are getting all the attention? Poly systems have a lot to bring to the table too! If you own a poly hair piece or you’re thinking about switching to poly, then keep on reading. We made today’s blog post because we know you can’t help but wonder, are poly hair pieces attached just like any other hair piece?

Poly wearers, search no more, we’ve got all the info you need.

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How to tape the front of your hair system 101

Posted on March 05th 2017

Having trouble taping down your front lace? You’re not alone! It’s no secret that front lace systems look great, but they can also be very tricky to put on correctly. Think about it, investing on a hair system but not taking the time to learn how to put it on properly is not a clever move, and taping the front of your hair system badly can give you away.

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How to make lace systems and tape get along

Posted on February 26th 2017

Feeling like you need to step up your tape game? It’s easy to get caught up in frustration when your lace system doesn’t seem to get along with your tape.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or if you already got a handle on things but still feel like you have some little issues to figure out. Instead of dreading the time to tape your lace systems, check out all the wise advice we have in store for you. We’ve come up with a list of possible problems you might be having and, better yet, how to fix them. Keep on reading!

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How to remove a hairpiece the easy way

Posted on February 19th 2017

Who would have thought there’s a right way of removing your hair system? Most people worry so much about the how’s of placing their hairpiece on their head, that they forget they’ll have to take it off at some point.

Feeling like you can relate? Then keep reading! Today’s blog post is all about removing your hairpiece the easy way, because whether we like it or not, there will come a time when we must take our hair systems off. Have no idea how to remove your hairpiece nice and easy? Don’t sweat it. Follow these simple steps and you’ll see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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Washing your hair system in the shower: Is it possible?

Posted on February 12th 2017

We all know the importance of a clean, well-maintained hair system. We’ve addressed this topic before, but we can’t help but wonder, are there any other ways to do it? How about washing it while you shower?

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Beginner’s guide to gluing down your hair system

Posted on February 03th 2017

Let’s say you just bought your new hair system, you’ve read tons of information on what you need to take care of it, and you’ve got all the products to make it happen. But the time has come to actually put it on, and now you’re home thinking, how do I do this?


Cleaning adhesive off of your hair system the easy way

Posted on January 29th 2017

Let’s say you had just hair system on you for the recommended period of time, and you already know how to clean and dry the hair of your hair system. That’s all fine and dandy. But one question remains: how do you clean glue and adhesive residues off of your hair system base?

That’s what his blog entry is all about!


Going for a swim while wearing your wig: It can be done

Posted on January 21th 2017

There’s nothing better than spending a good day at the beach or pool with your loved ones. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and everyone’s having a blast. But if you happen to be wearing a hair replacement method, be it a wig, a topper or a full-head hair system, it’s only a matter of time before the question crosses your mind:

Can I go for a swim while wearing a wig or hair system?

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Wigs in Hollywood

Posted on January 15th 2017

One of the major strengths of wigs is the endless possibilities that they offer when a quick change of look is needed in a pinch. One moment you can go from brunette to blonde and even redhead, with absolutely no harm done at all to your natural hair, unlike hair dyes and other available options.

That being said, it becomes fairly obvious why hairpieces and wig are such a valued and commonly seen asset in today’s filmmaking industry.

Whether it be on the big screen or the little screen, there’s a good chance that a wig was used for a scene or two at least.

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