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The 3 Essential Vitamins for our Hair

Posted on April 16th 2018

 Have you ever asked yourself what is the main source of hair nourishment? It's simple. Vitamins! A vitamin consists of organic compounds which are essential for normal growth and nutrition, usually required in small quantities in a diet, because they can't be synthesized by the body.

Hair Loss, Hair Maintenance

7 Must-have products for your wig's maintenance

Posted on April 08th 2018

Keeping up with the maintenance of your system is no joke! Owning a system requires some simple steps to maintain the classy looks that it offers. Using the best products and proper timing is the perfect recipe to keep your system glowing and flashing.

Hair System Repair, Hair Maintenance, Hair Systems, System mantainance

What is Alopecia? Causes and Remedies

Posted on April 01th 2018

Alopecia is a medical condition that can cause the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows. It affects a significant part of the world's population, but its incidence and prevalence varies depending on sex, age and even race.

Hair Loss, Hair Systems, Tips, Alopecia

Best Fringes For Your Face Shape

Posted on March 25th 2018


As you might already have noticed, fringes are some serious deal when it comes to styling your hair and personality. The proper use of bangs can add so much to your style and overall looks! Bad decisions in this field can be catastrophic though. The impression that you are seeking to give is a crucial factor to decide which bangs are you going to use.

Hair Maintenance, Hair Systems, Tips

7 Trendy Hairstyles and How To Own Them

Posted on March 19th 2018


It's almost spring and when it comes to hairstyles it's all about trends. Time might seem to be flying, but the most important thing is to seize the opportunity and have yourself a new hairstyle. We have seen from past seasons how the layers and straighten hair is the trend. This spring this seems to be a little bit different. Short hairdo's and loosen up styles are what are In this season.

Hair Maintenance, Hair Systems, Tips

Coloring your systems: a step by step guide to renew your hair systems

Posted on March 11th 2018


Changing your hair color is no easy task! Especially when it comes to dying your systems. There are many reasons to change or renew your hair system color, like the need to change the way you look or to give it a try to new hairstyles. However, if you don't want to accidentally damage your hair in the process, it is very important that you have a clear understanding of what your color is and which is the hair dye you are looking for. Besides, you must take into consideration your skin tone, because one mistake at the time of choosing the color can end in a little disaster, or you won't feel comfortable with your new look. You should can pair the hair system color with the color of your locks of hair, and go with your most prominent color.

Hair Maintenance, Women's Hair Replacement, Hair Systems, Tips, coloring

Real Hair Systems: Advantages and Insights

Posted on March 04th 2018

Hair replacement systems are a high-quality product and a great option for anyone looking to improve their style with a healthy and younger look. There are many options out today when it comes to hair systems. Nevertheless, real hair system will always be the hottest one.

Hair Systems, Tips

Tips for a relaxing sleep with your Hair System

Posted on February 25th 2018

Often the wearer of a hair system will surely be able to sleep with constant discomfort and wake up with a completely unkempt head! A real problem, also because sometimes the hair system can be damaged by night movements. How can you avoid ruining the non-surgical thickening by sleeping?

Hair Systems, Tips

Top Tips to Style your Hair Up for Carnival Season

Posted on February 18th 2018

Do you like complete disguises for Carnival, or do you prefer a little make-up and a hairstyle that refers to your favorite character? In both cases the hair can not overshadow. They are very important to give more emphasis to your costume and make it more believable. However, our hair is not always sufficient, sometimes we need some tricks.


Tips, Hairdos, Carnival

Romantic Hairdos for your Valentine's Day!

Posted on February 11th 2018

Is Valentine's Day approaching and are you thinking of the right look to amaze your partner?

For the most romantic evening of the year, once you have decided on clothing and make-up, you have to think about your hair: especially on this occasion it's worth to astonish your lover with a different look. Without exaggeration and radical changes: romantic Valentine's hairstyles must respect the mood of the day, so they must be feminine, but with a touch of sensuality.

Valentine's Day, Tips, Hairdos


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