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Romantic Hairdos for your Valentine's Day!


Is Valentine's Day approaching and are you thinking of the right look to amaze your partner?

For the most romantic evening of the year, once you have decided on clothing and make-up, you have to think about your hair: especially on this occasion it's worth to astonish your lover with a different look. Without exaggeration and radical changes: romantic Valentine's hairstyles must respect the mood of the day, so they must be feminine, but with a touch of sensuality.

We give you some tips to be romantic and trendy without having to spend all afternoon at the hairdresser. The hairstyles that we are going to propose for the Valentine's hair can be easily worn with variations. From soft crops, to braids, with loose hair, moved only by small waves, to the Danish crowns. These are just some of the possibilities you have for taking care of your Valentine's hair.



Revisited braids

The braid, for those with long hair, is often a daily hairstyle, but for Valentine's Day you can bet on some variations, for example it would be good to avoid the classic low braid that goes down the back, maybe a little too "serious" for the occasion. In our opinion, for a romantic evening, it would be better to opt for a soft and side braid or a braid that goes to frame the face. You can also leave the hair loose and weave only two strands on the sides of the face and then go to unite them on the nape with a hairpin.

the side braid, which leaves one side of the face completely uncovered and held a little soft, to frame the other side.

Or choose the coroncina variant, which transforms the hairstyle into a more particular crop than usual.



The asymmetric Chignon

The chignon is the romantic hairstyle par excellence. It can be carried in many different ways: low and lateral, low and central, high, softer or more "lacquered". Also remember that you can decorate the bun with flowers or light spots. An evergreen of this type of hairstyle is the classic dancer's bun, which loses a bit of stiffness for the lovers' party and turns: just collect the hair lower than usual, at the height of the ears, and maybe move it more to side. You can also weave it, to give more originality.



The romantic Updo

There is a middle ground between the harsh collections, ceremonial style, and the casual ones that are made by putting a pencil to collect the hair: the idea is that of a crop that looks a little 'disheveled, with precious accessories (or a simple flower) instead of the anonymous hairpins and with a few strands that touch the nape of the neck. The effect will be feminine and very sensual.




The tail is one of those hairstyles that we saw parading on the catwalks and in the red carpet. For the hair of San Valentinove we propose it revisited. Of course, the option of the classic tail is high and pulled a lot but if you want a softer and romantic effect we suggest to make waves to the hair and fix it not with a rubber band but with a tape so as not to pull too much the hairstyle (maybe even leave some tuft that surrounds the face).



Loose Hair

Men, generally, associate loose hair, better if long, to femininity. If the hair is long or medium, you can also opt for this solution, perhaps adding waves or sea urchins to move it. Alternatively, if the extra length and volume allow it, you can choose a super-smooth high tail that highlights your face but makes your hair fall back to your shoulders.



For those with short hair

If you think that with your short hair it's impossible to make a romantic hairstyle for Valentine's Day, you're wrong. In fact, thanks to the numerous tutorials on the web, it is possible to create beautiful and cute hairstyles, even with shorter crowns and climbs. Surely the soft and voluminous waves are an option not to be underestimated for the party of lovers. The ways to make your bob or bob moved are many, from the classic iron tapestry to the plate, from the most elaborate triferro (much loved by the VIPs) to the braids, to be left in a pose all night. Whatever the way you choose to make your hair move, remember to finish it with some light points, like hairpins and shiny hairpins. The braids are the great passion of all of us girls, and yet, who has short hair, believes it is impossible make them on your own head. Mistaken. The ways to make braids even on shorter ones. With the short hair to Valentine's Day, you can make a romantic French braid, for example: comb your hair well and take a lateral lock; begins to weave it with the French method, slowly bringing it to the back and hiding


If you need more tips to make your Valentine’s day unforgettable, visit Advent Hair and read their suggestions.


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