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Hair System Care and Maintenance Tips

hair system care 

Your new unit of hair system, either natural or synthetic, has arrived! You use it, dazzle others with it, but you don’t know how to take care of it. No problem, help is here. Taking care of your hair system is not at all complicated; it does take its time and patience, however. Let’s start off with the basics.


Your hair unit is exposed to several factors that can damage it. The sun and its harmful UV rays are a start. They cause the hair in your system to turn orange or red in color – this is also known as oxidation, a chemical reaction that affects the color hues in your hair anytime oxygen is present and molecules are exposed to the UV light. Though it’s a gradual process it can affect the natural appearance of your natural or synthetic hair. It’s appropriate to keep an adequate care and maintenance of your hair system.


You might think it is impossible to avoid the sun and thus the damages it brings, but nothing is impossible. One way to avoid this discoloration is to use hair replacement products containing UV protectors that block most of these harmful rays. This will help, but will not eliminate the problem. It is recommended to wear a hat or baseball cap if you spend too much time outdoors.




One of the biggest questions out there: Bath time! What should I do? Which shampoo product will benefit my new hair-do?  It’s good to know that more important than the product being applied is the application itself. Wash your hair replacement ONLY when you NEED to and do so 1-2 times per week at most. This reduces the risks of drying and tangling of your hair – follow this advice and your unit will be thankful.


It is also strongly advised the daily conditioning of your hair system after showering. This will hydrate and strengthen the hair, keeping it healthy and softer for much longer. In fact, it is so effective that it is recommended to use “leave-in conditioner” everyday. It is very simple! Just do it once a day, be sure to emphasize it on your hair (not the scalp or hair system base), use a rinse out conditioner while showering, and finally a “leave-in conditioner” with sunscreen after showering.


Now, are you unsatisfied with your cleanup? Is it the adhesive residues? That’s a tough one, no doubt. But no worries, with a regular cleanup they will disappear along with your preoccupations. You will need the following to follow the proper maintenance and care of your hair system: (Note: The following tips do NOT concern those systems made out of silicon.)


  1.     Adhesive remover
  2.     Hand dishwashing liquid
  3.     Fingernail brush
  4.     Mild shampoo
  5.     Sink with running water
  6.     Plastic/metal container

For best results (optional):

  1.     Toilet paper
  2.     Teaspoon



Start by gently removing the hairpiece tape from the polyurethane areas of your system with your fingernails. “Flick” up every edge of the hairpiece to start the peeling. Warning: Do NOT try to remove any tape from lace areas otherwise you could damage the entire unit. Any problems removing the tape? No worries! Soak your hair system in adhesive remover for several hours before the peeling.



Next, hop into the shower and wash your entire head, hair, and scalp thoroughly at least two times. Soak the hair system in a plastic or stainless steel container capable of holding liquid solvent. Soaking time may vary.





Remove your hair system from the solution and lay it in a sink face up (hair will be on the bottom). To clean the lace areas gently brush the swollen adhesive residue with a fingernail brush to loosen and break it free. In short, vertical and gentle strokes use a teaspoon to clean the skin area. After getting the excess off, place your unit back into the container full of solvent for 2-3 more minutes.



Take the unit back to the sink and skirt some hand dish washing liquid onto the base while still dripping wet from the solvent. Gently glide the fingernail brush across the edge of the base and out through the hair. After a few minutes of brushing, rinse your system with high-pressure lukewarm water down through the base. (Repeat this step a second time)

If there is still adhesive residue in your hair system, you probably didn't soak it in the solvent long enough. Go back and repeat step 2.



Finally, use a mild shampoo to balance the acid level and lastly condition. Your unit should now be clean and free of any old adhesive residue. You're now ready to re-attach and begin wearing the fresh (like new) system!


For further advice on hair system tips on care and maintenance or any other hair system related issue, including oxidation, visit Advent Hair’s blog and find the solution you are looking for!

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