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Dog Gone It! Pets, Wigs, and Halloween Costumes

Our pets are some of the best friends we will ever have and we love having them around. Coming home to your pooch wagging his tail is always sure to put a smile on your face. Dogs are some of the most loyal animals on the planet and they love to both be with us and keep us protected. That is why day in and day out, they become used to us even though we change clothes and or our custom hair systems.

However, on Halloween we tend to put on strikingly different costumes, wigs, clothes, masks, and other costume accessories. This can be very confusing to a canine as they may have a hard time recognizing you. Through in the fact that a lot of trick-or-treaters/party goers maybe coming to your house and they are all wearing costumes, it is easy to see why your pup might get overwhelmed.

Therefore, on the evening of October 31st, it might be a good idea to keep your pets in a separate room just to keep everyone safe. You don't want your normally friendly dog to accidentally bite a trick-or-treater only because it was scared of a costume.

Have a safe and happy Halloween everybody!

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