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Polyfuse Hairpiece Attachment

Posted on September 07th 2015

Polyfuse is a term used to describe a method of bonding hair pieces to the scalp. When a system is polyfused to the scalp, it is bonded to a track of short hair around the perimeter of the hair piece. It's basically a method of adhering the hair system to the scalp. 

Some hair replacement suppliers say that you cannot polyfuse systems on your own. They require that you come in to their stores every so often so they can attach the system for you. This is a great method for them to make some serious money every time you come in to get the system attached. 

The truth is that you can polyfuse the system to your scalp yourself. There are many adhesives on the market, and you just need to learn how to do it yourself which is a fairly simple process. There are quality suppliers out there that will teach you how to attach the system yourself. 

When you do the work yourself, you not only save money but you put yourself back in control of your hair. You don't have to be embarrassed going into the store every few months. You can also choose to attach the system at your leisure and from the privacy of your own home.



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