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Top Tips for Securing your Hairpiece for the Summer Wind

woman riding a car with her hairpiece in the summer wind (2)

It is any hair wearer’s nightmare for their hairpiece to be blown off their head by a big gust of wind. Though less common than one may think, it is a valid concern and highlights the importance of investing in a high-quality, custom-fitted, and adequately secured hair system. Luckily, you can do a few things to prevent these uncomfortable and humiliating moments. Read on to find out how!

Step 1: Choose a properly fitted wig

One of the most common reasons people lose their wig to the wind is that it is not correctly fitted to their heads. This is likely because they bought a pre-made stock hair system and didn’t cut it down to the correct size. You can avoid this by opting for a custom wig, which is made to fit the exact dimensions of your head. First-time buyers often worry about getting the right style and correct measurements without trying the hair replacement system on first. That’s why, at Advent Hair, we've worked hard to provide our customers with an easy, safe, and enjoyable online shopping experience that leaves you feeling confident with your purchase. 

To ensure the perfect fit, Advent Hair provides a fitting template, so you can take control of the custom ordering process from the comfort of your home. The easy-to-follow instructions explain how to make an accurate template of your head. The best part is that you'll only need to do this once, as we'll save all your measurements and details for an even more accessible online shopping experience next time! You’re probably wondering how you’ll know if it is the right fit. An adequately fitted hair system should feel comfortable and secure and not give you headaches. 

Woman putting on her hairpiece (1)

Step 2: Use a strong adhesive

The second most common reason blustering winds can successfully whip your hair system off your head is if it is not properly attached. If you know, you will leave the house on a windy day, prepare to embrace the elements by using a strong adhesive. As a general rule, the stronger the adhesive, the longer it will stay in place, and the less likely you will be left running after in the summer wind.

Extended wear hairpiece tape will hold your hair system in place for longer than 21 days and is a convenient and quick bonding method. Euro Flex Tape has tiny holes along the tape, allowing the scalp to breathe and will hold the hairpiece in place for 4 - 6 weeks. True Tape’s Super Tape, Walker Tape Ultra Bond, or Max Adhesives Prodigy Tape are reliable options for extended-wear bonds. While hairpiece tape is easy to apply and guarantees a secure attachment, removal can be more time-consuming as bonding tape tends to leave a gooey residue on the scalp.

Liquid adhesives are another popular attachment method option for a robust and long-lasting bond. Also called bonding adhesives or wig glue, they come in silicone-based and water-based formulas and are suitable for both perimeter bonding and full head bonding. Liquid adhesives are popular because they provide a stronger, more precise hair system bond and a natural hairline. Waterproof adhesives are also available, such as MAX Adhere 360, catering to the needs of wig wearers with an active lifestyle or living in hot and humid climates. Ghost Bond is a popular water-based adhesive for lace wig wearers that protects your bond from oily scalps, heat, humidity, and hot weather. However, bear in mind that while wig glue keeps your wig tightly secured, if you don’t have a breathable lace wig base, it can be easy to overheat and cause oils to build up underneath the hairpiece causing skin irritations. Also, liquid adhesives are not as easy to apply as tape and require some extra time and effort to attach, remove, and clear up. Though it’s nothing you cannot do yourself!

When it comes to Remy hair extensions, it is better to opt for tape-in hair extensions as they will provide a stronger bond and have a higher chance of resisting strong summer gales than clip-in hair extensions.

Woman with a hat protecting her hairpiece (1)

Step 3: Get Added Protection with Hair Accessories

Even after steps one and two, wig wearers are at risk of blowing off their wigs in extreme weather conditions. It’s worth taking extra precautions and using hair accessories to batten down the hatches. Place a secure headband over your wig, tie your hair in a low bun, and wrap a silk head scarf around your head in Audrey Hepburn style. This is an elegant and playful way to protect your hair from the wind and sun alike. Be careful with hats in high winds as they are also prone to flying away. Leave behind your pretty wide-brimmed sun hat in favor of a well-fitted, secure baseball cap. This provides extra security for your wig and is a great way to protect your hair, scalp, and face from harmful UV rays. For long hair systems, it’s worth braiding your hair or tying it into a tight bun to avoid the hair strands getting matted and tangled.

Step 4: The shake test

Before you step out the door, do a shake test to give yourself peace of mind when faced with a sudden gust of wind. Shake your head from side to side and jump up and down to see if it comes loose anywhere. For extra security, give it a gentle tug! Then touch up any loose areas with your choice of attachment method, whether bobby pins, tape, or wig glue. 

In extremely windy conditions, it’s best to avoid wearing your wig altogether. Strong wind can still cause damage to the hair system regardless of all the precautions you have put into place, and it can even be dangerous for you.

With these tips, you will be best prepared to embrace the summer winds and have the highest chance of keeping your hair system intact and firmly on your head. Now, all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy the sunny season!

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