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Sleeping in your hairpiece: A how-to guide

woman of color sleeping comfortably in her hairpiece

Everyone has trouble sleeping every now and again, but this can be especially true for those that wear a hairpiece. It can be a bit of an adjustment at first to sleep in your hair system, and if the proper precautions are not taken, your hairpiece can get damaged. So how can you and your hairpiece get a comfortable night’s sleep? Let’s find out!

Anyone who has had a good night’s sleep is most likely familiar with the concept of ‘bed head’, or the mess of hair that you have after a night of tossing and turning. Growing hair can tolerate this stress, but even the best hairpiece can be damaged by this friction. 

Sleeping in a hairpiece without taking the proper precautions can cause damage to both the base and the hair of the hairpiece. As your head rubs against your pillow, your hair system will be pulled in different directions. These movements can loosen your hairpiece bond, cause adhesive to darken, and even cause adhesive to seep through your hairpiece resulting in matted hair and hairpiece damage. Here we will highlight some important tips that will allow you to relax in your hairpiece knowing that all hair system maintenance steps are taken!


1) Use a silk pillowcase:

Though silk can be more expensive than other materials like cotton or polyester, it’s gentle touch will save you a lot on hair system repairs. Silk is less damaging because it is the only material that will allow the hair of your hairpiece to rub against the pillow without creating excess friction. When buying a silk pillowcase, make sure that the fabric care tag says 100% silk to make sure that you are getting the real thing!

white silk pillows against black background good for sleeping in hairpiece


2) Make your room sleep-friendly:

By sleeping comfortably you can reduce twists and turns that damage your hairpiece. Make sure that your mattress matches your needs - if you find it to be too firm, there are many affordable mattress pads that you can put on top of your mattress for added comfort. You can also add little details to your room to make you feel more comfortable such as nightlights, electronic candles, or even light music - whatever works for you!

One major element of comfortable sleep is forming positive sleep habits that help to ease your mind so you can fall asleep faster. The most important positive sleep habit is to reduce TV watching and cell phone use before bed since the light of the screen can be stimulating and make it difficult to fall asleep. Another positive sleep habit is to eat and work in areas other than your bed so that you can establish your bed as your place to relax and sleep. It can also be helpful to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day so that your brain can form established sleep and wake times. By making your room a comfortable place to sleep, you and your hairpiece can rest easier. 

middle aged man sleeping comfortably in his hairpiece


3) Secure your Hairpiece:

Make sure that your hairpiece is fully secured before going to sleep since a loose hairpiece will move around more while sleeping and become damaged. If you use clips to secure your hairpiece, adding more clips is an affordable way to ensure that your hairpiece stays in place while sleeping. If you like to use hairpiece tape, we recommend that you use an extended-wear tape such as the Walker Tape Easy Green Tape or the Walker Tape Ultra Hold Tape. If you prefer hairpiece adhesive, we recommend MAX Adhere 360 Waterproof Adhesive or Pro Hair Labs Ghost Bond Supreme Adhesive. These hair tapes and adhesives are specially designed for long-term bonds and will better withstand the stress put on your hair system from moving in your sleep. 

When you go to sleep it is also helpful to put the hair of your hair system in a loose braid or a hair net so that you can prevent the hair from tangling while you are asleep. For the most secure option, you can even put the hair in a braid and then in a hair net. 

mature woman with braid prepared to sleep in her hairpiece


4) Get a good fit:

In addition to a good bond, it is also important that your hair system fits well in order to avoid damage from moving in your sleep. Many stock hair systems come with tabs that you can tighten before going to sleep to ensure a good fit, however make sure that they are not so tight that they make you uncomfortable. You can also think about investing in a custom hair system that is tailor-made to your specific measurements so that you get the right fit every time.

By following these simple steps and precautions, you will be able to get a nice night's sleep without causing excess damage to your hairpiece. You can combine these tips with our complete set of Hair System Maintenance guidelines to ensure that you enjoy your hair system for the longest time possible! 

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