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Supertape Hairpiece Tape: Amazing Powers!

Have you experienced the quality of Supertape hairpiece tape? We like to compare it to the Scotch tape that so many gift-wrappers and crafters rely on. When you wear hair, you want to make sure that it’s securely fastened when it needs to be. Supertape is well-known and trusted throughout the industry. Choosing this hairpiece tape will ensure that you get the hold that you want all the time. We have this great hairpiece tape here at Advent Hair. It’s just another way that we help you make the most of your hair wearing experience.

Supertape hairpiece tape

What does this hairpiece tape do? It holds your hair system in place for at least a week. In fact, many people that wear hair find that this hairpiece tape works better than some liquid adhesives. So you get the holding power that you need without all of the mess and hassle. Supertape hairpiece tape is popular for its “non-gooey” application formula. It’s made with meltdown-resistant materials—so it cuts down on the amount of time that you spend cleaning it up. Our hairpiece tape contours are the ideal choice for many different hair wearers.

Supertape provides as long a hold as the Air-Flex tape, but it doesn’t have the vent-thru holes. You can choose this hairpiece tape as A, C, D, and mini C contours—and you get a solid 10 to 30 day hold on your hair system. You can use this hairpiece tape instead of liquid adhesives to avoid the gooey mess. Why spend time cleaning up your hairpiece adhesive when you can better spend the time doing something else? Take it from us here at Advent Hair… this hairpiece tape is the cream of the crop!

Do your scalp and the environment a favor by choosing this hairpiece tape. Supertape is both skin and environmentally friendly. Who could ask for more? When you’re ready to take your hairpiece tape to the next level, choose Supertape from Advent Hair. You’ll get a comfortable and long-lasting hold that’s really second to none.

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