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Skin Graft - Top of Head Hair System for Men

The skin grafts made their introduction into the men's hair replacement market in the early 2000's with the Folligraft Hair System.  It was a monumental change in the industry as it allowed a man to completely bond the unit to his head for a few weeks and it was gorgeous.  It felt like a second layer of skin.  You could lead an active lifestyle; exercise, swim and sleep in it and it looked fantastic.

This new technology introduced other areas of innovation;  

- medical grade bonding adhesives were formulated by companies such as Pro Hair Labs, Max Adhesives and Cohesive Hair Solutions that permitted you to bond the skin graft to your scalp for 2+ weeks. No longer did we have to hope that toupee tape would last more than 2 days.

- the introduction of 'program hair'. This provided benefits across the industry, ranging from the Asian factories now being able to churn out 1,000's of stock skin grafts to the salon owner now able to generate a steady monthly cash flow to the hair wearer who could now get fresh hair as often as he desired.

But, it seems that hair studios got a little greedy during these times and felt that every man should be receiving a new unit every month!  Some guys were paying $5,000+ per year for hair.

Granted, as technology improved and the skin bases became thinner and the bonding adhesives became stronger, the durability of the skin grafts decreased.  They sure looked incredible!  You could add styling creams to your hair to create any style you wanted.

Attaching the skin grafts is usually achieved with the full head bonding technique, whereby several layers of bonding adhesive are applied to the entire scalp.  In most cases, the wear time will be 2-4 weeks.

Now if you love the benefits of the skin graft, but you do not wish to wear it for more than a few days, you can choose to attach the perimeter of the system with tape.  Clear and Red tape will last 1 day and the No Shine and Euro Flex/Geo-Bond will last about a week.  Just be careful when removing the tape so as to not rip the skin.


(If you want to attach with tape, we can add a 2nd layer of skin to the outer sides and back edge, but not the front, that will provide durability that withstands tape removal.)

And lastly, the pre-made skin grafts are available in all the colors and densities of Light, Medium/Light and Medium.  They are 8" x 10" in size and can easily be cut down to a smaller size.  And we can deliver them to you in 7 days!

With the men that we speak with, you should be able to get by on 3-4 skin grafts per year and for much less than $5,000.

Most skin grafts have hair that is knotted, and we can inject the hair which means NO knots or V Loop the hair for a very cool realistic look.   

What to learn more about hair systems for men? Download our new and free guide:



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