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Keeping Your Lace Front Wigs with Bangs Looking Chic and Sleek with PPI Untangler!

When you invest in lace front wigs with bangs, you want to be certain to maintain them well so they will continue to meet your needs over an extended period of time without looking the least bit frayed or frizzy. The cost of a hair piece alone makes it valuable, but even more, the confidence that your hair system provides allows you to move in confidence in your daily endeavors – this is where the true value lies! There are a number of basic maintenance supplies to think about, and a detangling spray is among the most important, particularly for lace front wigs with bangs. When your bangs are less than polished, everything else looks a mess by default! But a little PPI Untangler can go a long way toward keeping your wig looking fresh and fabulous all day.

Keeping your human hair lace front wigs with bangs free of tangles can be tricky, with weather and wind being two frequent enemies. Sleeping is another common source of tangles as well, particularly if you're a tosser and turner like me. Ever wake up with half your bangs going to the left and the other half straight up in the air? Yeah, I've been there too many times! A detangling spray is helpful for removing the tangles and knots associated with any of these conditions, making it easier to get your lace front wigs with bangs ready for the day or night ahead. Not only should you have this supply on hand at home, but it helps to take some along when you are out and about, or simply keep a bottle at work.

PPI Untangler is an alcohol free product that can be left in to make hair more manageable and easier to style. This detangling spray is made for use on human hair, whether it’s your own hair or one of our top quality lace front wigs with bangs. In either scenario, it is sure to become a favorite, often-reached-for solution in your beauty arsenal. After all, it not only assists you in removing knots and tangles, but it also helps you to style your hair, whether you need to tame static or regain control over flyaway’s. It works its magic on both wet and dry hair, and helps reduce breakage as well. Did we mention it's also super affordable, has a 5-star review rating from our clients, and comes in a generously-sized bottle? Well, all those things are true!

Whatever the style of your lace front wigs with bangs, there are sure to be some tangling issues. And PPI Untangler will be there to make getting ready as pleasant and tangle-free as possible.


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