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Lace tape: How to use tape on your lace system

Middle aged woman wearing lace tape in hair system

Feeling like you need to step up your hair system tape game? It’s easy to get caught up in frustration when your lace wig doesn’t seem to get along with your lace wig tape.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a hairpiece pro, you might feel like you have some issues to work out. Instead of dreading the moment you have to tape your lace hair systems to your scalp, check out all the top tips we have for you. We’ve come up with a list of possible problems you might be having with your lace hair system and, best yet, how to fix them. Keep on reading!

Problem: I’m not sure if the hair system tape I’m using is right for me

Solution: This is the number one worry among hairpiece tape users. How do you know if you’re using the right hairpiece tape? There are two key things to keep in mind: your skin sensitivity and how long you want to wear your hair system.

Hairpiece tape works best for people who remove their hair system often - it’s easier to deal with when taking your system off. If you prefer to remove your hairpiece every day, a daily wear tape like the Pro-Flex II Hair System Tape is great for you.

But if you prefer to wear your hair replacement system for longer, perhaps a few weeks. You could try a tape like the Walker Tape No-Bond Hair System Tape, which can last a solid 2-3 weeks.

If you’re not a fan of wig glue and you don’t want to take off your hair system that often, hairpiece tape, could give you the best of both worlds. You can find these and more here.

Middle aged woman checking lace tape on hair system

Problem: I have sensitive skin

Solution: Nobody is the same when it comes to choosing the right product to put on your skin. It will depend a lot on how your skin reacts to different adhesives. There are tapes that you won’t even know that they’re attached to your scalp, as there are other tapes that might get your skin a little irritated.

How can you tell which tape matches your skin sensitivity? We recommend testing them out. Cut a small piece of tape and stick it to the skin behind your ear overnight. If nothing happens the next day, you’re good to go! If you wake up with an itching sensation behind your ear, it’s best to try another lace tape.

Problem: The tape passed the test, but it’s still rough on my skin after wearing it for longer periods of time

Solution: Are you correctly prepping your skin before wearing your lace system? If not, this might be the root of the problem. Make sure to apply a scalp protector before putting your hairpiece on your head. Check out our guide to preparing your scalp before applying a hair system too.

If the problem continues, it’s best to look for a new hairpiece tape.

Woman looking at lace tape in hair system

Problem: Each time I try to apply tape to my lace system, I end up in a mess!

Solution: It’s time for a quick tape application 101! When applying tape to your hairpiece, you want to start by turning your hair system inside out so the lace is facing you. This will make the entire process a whole lot easier.

First, cut the tape into small sections instead of one big chunk. This will mean you avoid any funny-looking bumps and make application easier since you won’t be dealing with a giant tape snake.
Remove only one side of the double-sided tape and place it all the way around the hair system, about a millimeter from the edges. If you want a full head bond, you can apply a small portion of tape on the center of the hair system too.

Press the tape into place by using one finger underneath the hair system and one on top, kind of like pinching the tape. Then, peel off the tape protector.

Put the hair system on your head and slowly roll it back. (Try to avoid any hair so it doesn't get caught in the tape.)

Problem: I tried applying tape on my lace system inside out, but it’s still pretty uncomfortable.

Solution: If you’re still struggling when applying tape to your hairpiece, try placing your lace hair system inside out on a mannequin head. It’s foolproof!

Problem: I’m constantly placing the hair system the wrong way

Solution: We have the perfect fix for you. Spray some Just Rite Positioning Spray on your scalp before putting your hair system on so the adhesive doesn’t stick to your skin right away. It will give you about 30 seconds to adjust the hair system into place.

Middle aged man wearing lace tape with hair system

Problem: My scissors are ruined after all this tape cutting

Solution: Your scissors may have some adhesive residue on them after cutting the tape. If you don’t clean them each time you use them, they won’t last long. Keep a solvent around when you apply your hairpiece and use it to clean your scissors once you’re done.

Problem: I mix up the front of my hairpiece with the back when putting it on

Solution: Hey, it happens to the best of us. Just put small marks on the back and front or your hair system before applying the tape so you don’t switch them up. You won’t leave your house afraid of looking like a crazy person ever again!

Middle aged blonde woman wearing hair system with lace tape

Problem: I don’t want to remove the entire hairpiece every time I have to change the tape from the front

Solution: This is actually an easy one! Instead of applying tape all-around your lace system, leave a small space on each side. This way, you can remove the tape from the front later on without having to remove the back.

We hope that these questions and answers were helpful in answering some of your questions in regard to using tape on your lace system!


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