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Working out with a Hair System: 4 tips for success

mature man working out with hair system in blue shirt

Though working out boosts confidence, helps you to stay in shape, and relieves stress — for hair system wearers it can end up being a major source of stress. Though, don’t worry, wearing a hair system doesn’t mean you have to give up on your daily exercise regimen. 

Whether you’re affected by hair loss, alopecia, or just like to sport a hairstyle different from your own, we’re here to help you exercise in a wig with confidence. Here are four tips on how you can feel confident exercising with a hair system.


1) Using the Right Hair System for Exercising

It’s important to pick the right wig for the job. Sweating is one of the main effects that physical activity has on hairpieces. You may even prefer to use an older wig that you don’t use as often in order to avoid messing up your best ones. If your gym wig is made of synthetic hair, all the better, since synthetic wigs will be less affected by sweat and retain their style better. 

It is also recommended to use a shorter hair system so that you can tuck the hair behind your ears or a long wig that you can put in a low ponytail with a baseball cap. Either of these methods will help to keep hair out of the way during your workout and avoid tugging damage to your hairpiece. 

mature woman working out with hair system with towel


2) Strong Hold for Hairpieces 

Making sure that your hair system stays in place can be the most overwhelming part of exercising in a wig. Luckily, there’s really nothing to worry about. Most hair systems are made with adjustable tabs that you can use to make sure they stay in place. If you feel the need to do so, you can always add more clips, you can take a look at some affordable options in our supply store. Make sure to adjust the tabs to fit securely, yet comfortably to avoid headaches during your workout. 

If you feel that you need a bit more security, you can always place a few bobby pins within the layers of hair above your ears to further secure your wig. There are also a selection of wig tapes and adhesives that you can use to create a worry-free bond. Some, like MAX Adhere 360 Adhesive are even waterproof!  

In order to feel more confident exercising while wearing a hairpiece, try it out in the comfort of your home first.  For instance, if you plan to swim with your wig, try it out in the bathtub, or if you’re planning to run with your wig, take a couple of laps around the house. Do what you need to do to test it out, so you can feel comfortable around others while doing physical activity with a wig. 


3) Sweating and Hair Systems

Getting sweaty is simply a part of working out, but wearing a wig can turn up the heat even more. To avoid overheating, we recommend that you wear a wig cap in order to absorb sweat while as well as dirt and oils. Another tip is to wear a wig that it’s made with a monofilament cap. 

Though they can be more expensive, monofilament caps are usually known for a more realistic scalp and hair flow. When it comes to exercising with a hairpiece, they also provide the best ventilation for your head. If you have an old monofilament wig that you don’t mind using as your workout wig, then go for it, as it will allow your scalp to breathe and will keep you feeling comfortable. When you work out while wearing hair, make sure that it is out of your face, which, as we have said can be done by either tucking hair behind your ears, using bobby pins, or wearing a hat. 

woman of color working out with a hair system in pink shirt


4) Caring for your Gym Wig

Working out while wearing hair can be a bit of a chore if you have to wash your wig every time that you work out. This is another reason why we suggest that you use an older wig that is not necessarily your favorite. During the week, you can use dry shampoo to keep the wig in good enough condition for your workouts, as it will help to mask any odors and maintain the style of the wig. You can thoroughly wash your wig at the end of each week. Euro Novelle Clarifying Shampoo is a great product to use after working out with your hair system since it can remove dirt and oils without damaging your hairpiece. 


Exercising with a hair system doesn’t have to be an overwhelming situation. There are many ways to ensure that when you exercising with your hair system, you have fun and feel good! By testing out your wig before playing sports with a hair system or working out, you can make sure that it doesn’t move around. You can also use a wig that breathes in order to avoid overheating or excess sweating. You can then use dry shampoo after working out, and a weekly deep-cleaning to eliminate odors. Exercising in a wig is totally possible, and you can do it with confidence by using these tips. Enjoy your workouts!

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