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How does Hair loss Affect Women in their Social Interactions and day-to-day life

Sad Woman

For women, hair is an essential part of their lives. The way they color, style and maintain it says a lot about who they are as a person.

Just like clothes, hair is an extension of themselves, an expression of their personality. Are they young? Artsy? Conservative? All of these are preferences that can be shown in their hair.

Losing your hair can feel devastating for women. This represents losing not only a part of your identity but now finding yourself struggling with society's harsh beauty standards.

Even though men and women alike suffer from hair loss problems. Studies show that females are more likely to suffer from emotional distress. In fact, one study that compared the psychological effects of hair loss in men and women shows that 52% of women felt extremely distressed while only 27% of men felt extremely distressed.

Hair loss can affect your emotional well being as well, that same study showed that 53% of women who experience hair loss felt less physically attractive and 65% felt less sexy.

But the consequence of hair loss goes beyond the psychological realm. This issue can have an impact on how you live your life and interact with other people. For example, your relationships with partners, coworkers, classmates, etc.

Hair loss and your day to day life

woman with hair loss

Hair loss can affect our sense of style and social confidence in profound ways. People are affected at a much deeper level than they think and should seek out help for their psychological needs as much as their clinical needs. For example, Self-esteem, body image, and a lower quality of life are all possible side effects of hair loss.

Living with hair loss can be difficult in a culture that conceives hair as a sign of youth and good health. It affects how you feel about yourself, and in consequence, how you interact with others around you. These are some of the ways in which hair loss affects your daily life:


Physical health

Believe it or not, losing your hair has been linked to health problems as well. Studies showed women with androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness) were more prone to have issues with insulin resistance and blood sugar regulation than those with “normal” hair.

Your work performance can decrease

When the issue is not appropriately addressed, other areas of your life - like work - can be affected.

Some people that suffer from hair loss avoid going to work because they feel too ashamed of their appearance. It doesn't end there, even if they show up, they might opt for staying quiet during meetings and presentations to avoid drawing attention to themselves.

This behavior does not allow yourself to shine in your field, hurting your professional career in the long run.

Avoiding social situations

Shy woman

Due to the pressure of being expected to be  “beautiful” or “attractive” all the time, women who experiment hair loss may start to avoid everyday tasks that force them to interact with others in public spaces, like jogging or going to the grocery store.

This avoidance of social interaction could be attributed to the self-consciousness that accompanies hair loss. This behavior creates a cycle for self-destruction. If you start losing hair, you might begin to have negative feelings about it, these feelings are only worsened by isolation, feeling loneliness and separation from friends and the community can cause you to stress out and contribute to your hair loss.

Putting your love life on hold

For women, hair is an essential part of what makes them feel attractive, powerful and beautiful. When you're looking for a partner, you want to be on the top of your game. But when your hair starts to fall out the feelings of sadness and low self-esteem can strip you of the confidence that you need to put yourself out there.

This does not only affect single women, but the ones that are in a relationship when the hair loss begins can also start to detach themselves from their partner because they no longer feel attractive. The worst part is that in most cases, your partner may not necessarily think your hair loss is a big deal. They fell in love with all of you, not just your hair.

It’s not necessarily hair loss itself that hurts your love life, but more so the way you feel about yourself and how that poor self-appreciation causes you to shy away from romance.


What are my options?

Once you accept that your hair loss is having a powerful impact in your life, its time to do something about it. Nowadays you have multiple solutions to this problem.

But first you should seek professional help for your problems.when we are dealing with emotional issues it is common to have them still even if the main problem is gone. In other words, you can fix your hair, but your mind and soul needs a little more help to heel.

One of the best options out there is hair systems. Why? Because you can personalize them as you would with your real hair.

For women, we have several options that divide into two main groups: custom and stock hair systems. The custom ones range from top-of-head to ¾ caps, full-size caps, as well as integration pieces. On the other hand, our stock hair systems can be for your full head, for the top part, integration pieces or Full Lace Wigs.

All of our systems come in a variety of styles, colors, and density. Want to know more? Check our online shop today!

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