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How does Hair loss Affect Men in their Social Interactions and day-to-day life?

Sad man

Hair has plays a big role in our lives. When we are young we don't really have much control over it, our parents decide how we look like or how we style it. But when we grow up hair can represent our need to break free from the bonds that link us to our parents.

When we enter our teen years, hair can be a way to manifest who we are, what music do we listen to, it can be an extension of our rebellious years. The way we take care of our hair can say a lot about who we want to be. For example, rappers don't have the same hairstyles as, let's say, bankers.

With time we tend to link our hair with physical and emotional well-being, sexual potency and desirability, and even social and financial status.

As you can see, it is such an essential part of who we are. So when it becomes dull or brittle, it has a huge impact in the overall energy you communicate.

This is specially tough for guys, hair loss is so common among men that many of them grow up with the fear that someday they will be walking around with a bald head.

This happens because we can’t ready for such a drastic change in our appearance, especially when we don’t find the new features appealing. Men desperately try to find ways to fix the problem, and when they don't see a solution, they can unconsciously do things to sabotage our daily life.


These are some of the ways in which hair loss can affect men:

1- You stop working out


Like we said before, hair can be a reflexion of how you feel about yourself. When men start losing it, their self-confidence can hit rock bottom, making them give up and stop making an effort in how they look.

To put it simply, if they can't look good they won't do things to feel good. On the other hand, most men who try to hide their hair loss with hats won't put themselves in positions where they have to sweat or swim.

Keeping yourself out of these social situations will make you meet fewer people similar interests. You’ll also be forced to exercise alone or at home, increasing your chances of giving up on every physical activity.


2- They avoid going to places where you can’t wear a hat


One of the easiest ways to hide hair loss is with baseball caps or other types of hat. The problem? This isn't really a solution, just a way to hide the problem from other people.

Men who get fond of this hair-hiding strategy put all their self-confidence in that hat, so when they don't have it, they feel naked, like something is missing. That's why they tend to avoid situations when wearing a hat is not appropriate, like weddings and other formal events.

This can cause them to miss huge milestones in the life of their families and loves ones. After all, maintaining a good social life is necessary for good mental health. Social isolation can really affect you, and hair loss can lead men directly into this situation.

Once their hair starts to be missing, they’ll feel the desire to disappear from society as well.



3-You Don’t Want to Meet New People

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Our facial characteristics are so significant because they are one of the first things people notice when they meet us. When you don't feel good about yourself, everything becomes a good excuses to avoid meeting new people.

After all, you know the people judge each other base on what they see, and you don't want to be judged because of your hair loss. So you evade situations where you might meet someone new. You limit yourself to the same people you’ve always hung out with – people who knew you before you started losing your hair.

In your mind, your old friends already like you, but new people may pass you because of your problem. Of course you're not right! When was the last time you didn't want to talk to someone because of their hair? Exactly. Even if we make assumptions about somebody else based on what they look like, we tend to give them a chance anyway.


4- You don't want to speak up


To succeed in life you have to do everything with confidence, this is especially determining in your work environment.  

Depending on your line of work you might have to give speeches, presentations or talk to big clients. These are situations where you rely on how you look to make people take you and what you're saying seriously.

When your hair is missing, you might lack the confidence that you need to fulfill these tasks. With time this low self-esteem can really affect your professional growth.

At least, there is hope!

When your suffering from hair loss is easy to convince other people (and yourself) that you “just don’t like dressing up, or that you're just shy, but deep down you know that the reason why you are acting like this is because you don’t like being in situations where you’re expected to focus on your appearance when you are walking around thinking you’ll never look good enough.

Even though it is super common for guys to experience hair loss, most people are not familiar with the appearance problems related to this issue. Unfortunately, there isn't enough talk about how this problem affects several aspects of men’s life. It can even cause them to spiral out of control.

The good news is that you have options nowadays! In Advent Hair, we offer you hair systems, so your daily routine doesn't have to be affected by your hair inconvenient.

Check our website today and see all the different options we can offer you!


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