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Perspiration is no match for your Hairpiece Bonding

mature friends going out for a run with strong hairpiece bonds

Do you find it hard to get a strong bond when applying your hairpiece? Worried that your hairpiece adhesive or hair system bond won’t resist your sweat? We have put together a list of products and tips that will help you to get and maintain a hairpiece bond that won’t fail you!

Some of life’s best things make us sweat: beach days, jogs with friends, first dates, etc. These are also times that you want a strong hairpiece bond that won’t let you down. No need to worry - there are many ways to secure your hairpiece so that you are ready to face any situation! From pre-application, hairpiece adhesive application, to post-application - we have you covered!

mature couple riding bikes on beach shore not worrying about their hairpiece bonds

Start with a Clean Scalp:

Starting with a clean scalp helps to bond your hair system by allowing glue or tape to stick better. Starting with an oily or dirty surface makes it difficult for even the best adhesives to form a strong and reliable bond. In addition to regular cleansing, there are many products that go one step further by preparing the scalp for adhesive application - each with its own unique benefits. 

Pro Lab’s No Sweat is scalp antiperspirant that helps to ensure a strong hairpiece bond by keeping your scalp clean while your hairpiece bond cures. Start by cleansing and fully drying your scalp. Next, apply a small amount of No Sweat to a towel and give your scalp a quick wipe. Allow the product a moment to dry and apply your hairpiece using your favorite adhesive. 

Are you looking to get active before your bond cures? That’s not a problem! Walker’s Max Hold Sport is a serum that is applied before your hair system adhesive to achieve an instant hold. This means that you can start exercising right after bonding your hair - no more need to wait 24 hours! As a bonus, this product also helps to increase the endurance of the bond by removing any sweat or oils left on your skin.  

Do you struggle with oily and/or sensitive skin? Walker Tape’s Scalp Protector Thick is a great product for you! Scalp Protector Thick forms a barrier between your scalp and your hairpiece adhesive. This prevents your skin’s oils from interfering with the bond, and also reduces irritation that can occur in those with more sensitive skin.

woman friends doing yoga with strong hairpiece bonds

Get a Glue (or Tape) that’s Right for You:

When looking for a bond that can take the ups and downs of everyday life, it’s important to find the right hair system adhesive for you. Not only should you use a quality hairpiece tape or glue, but also one that suits your lifestyle and your needs. The right product can help your hairpiece stick with you through any sweaty situation!

There are a variety of tapes and glues that are perfect for each person. Here are two options for those looking to maintain a great hair system bond in even the most extreme situations and conditions:

Prefer glue? Max Adhere 360 Waterproof adhesive provides a fantastic waterproof hold that can last up to 4-5 weeks! Since it’s waterproof, this hairpiece glue allows you to look your best at your sweatiest- you can even feel free to take a dip in the pool! This latex-free glue is also water-based, which means that it can easily be removed with most hair bonding glue removers. 

More of a tape person? That’s completely understandable, since hairpiece tape provides an easy and affordable way to secure your hairpiece quickly with no mess! Many tapes are designed for a day-long hold and are highly affected by sweat and humidity. However, Walkers Tape’s Ultra Hold Bonding Tape is a great solution for those looking for a durable bond that can last for up to 6 weeks!

mature man working out at the gym confident in his hairpiece bond

Application Aftercare:

Scalp care is also a vital part of ensuring good hair system bonding. Keeping a clean and healthy scalp helps to reduce irritation from adhesives and allows them to form the best bond possible in order to give you the most comfortable and reliable hold!

Premier Product’s Brisk Scalp Freshener is a great product to refresh and rejuvenate your scalp after taking off your hair system. Its astringent blend includes Australian Tea Tree Oil that acts as a natural germicide and fungicide. Using Brisk Scalp Freshener between bonds helps to remove built-up oils and adhesives, leaving your scalp feeling clean and renewed. 

By taking the time to find the best hair bonding products for you, you’ll be able to get amazing results that stand up to all of life’s sweaty twists and turns!


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