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Bonding Adhesives for Hairpieces

Bonding Adhesives for Hairpieces

Bonding adhesives are used to securely hold your hair replacement system. Some people prefer to use tape while others prefer using bonding adhesives. There are different types of adhesives depending on your needs; duration of application, style of bonding, or type of hair replacement. 

The most commonly used bonding adhesives for full head bonding is Max Dermatex, Trans-Dermal and Euro Bond #7, all excellent full head bond adhesives. Both products are strong adhesives that will provide you with a worry-free, strong & secure bond. 

Another one of the key manufacturers of adhesives for perimeter bonding is Walker Tape. Their Top Priority & SensiBond products can maintain its grip for four to six weeks. If you are interested in a product that can maintain a full head bond as well, you might be interested in Walkers UltraHold. 

Some of the biggest tests for a bonding adhesive are the stresses of heat, water, and perspiration. Silicon adhesives are designed to maintain their integrity in the presence of these conditions. Vapon No-Tape is one of the silicon adhesives that you may want to try.


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