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Advancements in Design and Perception of the Toupee


Advancements in Design and Perception of the Toupee

Say goodbye to the common perception of your grandfather’s old raggedy toupee. Gone are the days of limp and lifeless toupees, and in are realistic quality toupees that will make you feel and look like a million dollars. Wearing a toupee is much different than it used to be, as a quality toupee will look and act just like natural hair, instead of just sitting unnaturally on the top of your head. Hair replacement systems and weaves have become increasingly popular over the last few years, but the toupee has also grown in popularity for many balding men. Today’s toupee is designed from real hair or modern synthetic hair, and are so masterfully crafted that it’s impossible to detect that someone is wearing one.

Luckily, today’s balding men have a variety of options to give them back a luscious head of hair. However, many of these options are rather expensive and sometimes even painful. For those who are balding and want to fill in or replace the lost hair, the use of a toupee is a viable option. Not only will a toupee look and feel like natural hair, but today, a quality toupee doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Not only does a modern toupee look great, but there is room for customization.


Not everybody favors the same style of haircut, and that shouldn’t change when selecting or wearing a toupee. Unlike toupees of the past, which typically come stock, today there are a variety of options in customizing and getting the perfect toupee. Advent Hair offers an amazing selection of custom hair units that will boost your confidence and allow you to gain your strut back. Not only do you get to choose the best possible toupee, but you’re able to pin-point and create the most realistic and similar piece to your own hair. A custom toupee from Advent Hair can cater to hair with hi-lites, gray percentages, densities and even texture. 

Unlike the past, a custom or life-like toupee isn’t only reserved for Hollywood and business elite. At Advent Hair we want everyone to have the boost of confidence they deserve and a full head of hair to boot. Stop believing in outdated perceptions of toupees, and consider fitting yourself with a brand new custom toupee from Advent Hair. We take pride in giving back confidence, one scalp at a time.

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