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4 Real-World Reasons To Wear Men's Wigs


4 Real-World Reasons To Wear Men's Wigs

When many people think of wigs, they think of costume attire or low quality hair replacement substitutes. However, wigs serve a far more important purpose than that. When used by men who suffer from a lack of hair, they can help to restore self esteem and return a sense of normalcy to daily life. Here are some situations in which Mens Wigs are not only beneficial, but can be truly life changing.

Cancer Treatment

When undergoing treatment for cancer, it's not unusual for the patient to lose some or all of his hair. Chemotherapy and radiation are very toxic to the body and the hair follicles are especially sensitive to it. The resulting hair loss often adds insult to injury and can serve to make the coping process even more arduous.Mens Wigs can help the patient reclaim his dignity and reduce the chances of becoming depressed.

Severe Hormone Disruption

The body's hair follicles are extraordinarily sensitive to sex hormones. Testosterone is closely tied to hair growth and quantity in men, so anything that lowers it, such as estrogen and DHT, can cause hair loss. High estrogen can be caused by soy consumption, steroid use, alcoholism and certain testosterone-blockers used to treat testicular and prostate cancers. High DHT is caused by genetics and a lack of exercise, as well as the factors which increase estrogen. Mens wigs are a great solution for this difficult problem.

Premature Baldness

A surprising number of men are unfortunate enough to lose their hair at a relatively young age, such as in their twenties. It has been estimated that this trend affects as much as 35 percent of American males and the problem is believed to be caused by genetic inheritance. Naturally, premature hair loss can have an enormous impact on the man's social life, love life and self-esteem. By turning to Mens Wigs, a man suffering from premature baldness can go about his life as if he still had his own hair.

Old Age

Not all men will lose their hair as they age, but many will. As the body ages, natural shifts in hormone levels can cause the follicles on the head to stop producing hair. While most men accept this as a normal part of getting older, some use mens wigs to help make themselves look a little younger and more vibrant.

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